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Embedded Modules
Embedded VoIP Modules
Embedded VoIP Modules

Arcturus embedded VoIP modules enabled hardened IP voice and audio distribution for a range of communications applications including VoIP, intercoms, PA paging, Radio over IP (RoIP), push-to-call (PTC), push-to-talk(PTT) and mass notification systems. Systems are turn-key, development kits include all hardware, software and tools required for evaluation.

  • Single channel VoIP or IP audio + Mbarx IoT (uCMK60-VoIP)»
  • Single channel VoIP or IP audio + Mbarx IoT + PoE + class-D amp (uCMK60-VoIP)»(board configuration)
  • Single channel multi-service VoIP + Linux BSP (uC53281)»
  • Single channel multi-service VoIP + Mbarx IoT + PoE + class-D amp (uCIOCOM)»(board configuration)
  • Multichannel multiservice VoIP + Linux BSP (uCBF54x)»
  • PBX and communication applications, optional Linux BSP (uCP1020)»

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Embedded Industrial Modules
Embedded Industrial Modules

Arcturus embedded industrial modules utilize Arm Cortex-M4, Blackfin and M68K/ColdFire processors capable of supporting a range of general purpose connected applications including; industrial control, machine interface (HMI), sensor networks and protocol conversion devices. Development kits include uClinux or Linux OS packages.

For legacy platforms including uC68VZ328, uC5272 and uC5282 contact Arcturus Support

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Embedded Gateway Modules
Embedded Gateway Modules

Arcturus gateway modules utilize powerful 64-bit Arm v8 and 32-bit Power e500 digital networking processors capable of supporting wire speed data services. Specialized software packages are available from Arcturus to support gateway applications including IP-PBX, edge services, Mbarx Secure IoT Gateway Stacks including Mbarx Site Controller and Mbarx Operations Controller. Development kits include Linux OS packages.

  • IP-PBX, Mbarx Site Controller, Mbarx Operations Controller Stacks, Linux BSP (uCP1020)»
  • Mbarx Site Controller, Mbarx Operations Controller, Video Camera Controller stacks, Linux BSP (uCLS1012A)»

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Embedded Middleware
Management Middleware
Management Middleware
Arcturus Management Middleware is a device configuration and firmware management system for embedded Linux products. It provides critical infrastructure for today’s embedded devices, freeing up valuable resources to focus on core application development.
  • Configuration database
  • Collection of controllable system services
  • System configuration methods
  • Policy based configuration engine
  • Firmware and bootloader management
  • Reporting and event handling
Voice and Media Middleware
Voice and Media Middleware
Arcturus Voice and Media Middleware is a communication and surveillance solution for embedded Linux products. It supports the creation of hardened voice and video systems using a higher-level interface, eliminating the need to become algorithm or signaling protocol experts.
  • Camera surveillance with video service
  • Multicast and unicast voice communication
  • Audio announcement playback
  • Signaling and media protocols
  • Narrow and wide-band audio encoding
  • Security signaling extensions
  • Audio intelligibility enhancements
  • Host protocol
Mbarx Secure IoT
Mbarx Secure IoT
Mbarx Secure IoT is a trust chain architecture that consists of endpoints, tools and gateways. It simplifies the interconnection and management of many devices, distributed across many site locations by providing all the necessary infrastructure to support public or private cloud systems.
  • Endpoint stack suitable for MCUs or MPUs with TLS cryptography and PKI authentication
  • Tools for system wide management of configuration and firmware
  • Development tools for experimentation and debug
  • Gateway stacks to support remote sites
  • Gateway stacks to support custom workflow interaction