Arcturus Networks Inc.


Arcturus Networks Inc. is a leading provider of enablement solutions for embedded communication and industrial applications. Since 2001, Arcturus has contributed to the innovation of thousands of products and has helped establish embedded Linux as a defacto global standard.

Arcturus is a privately held Canadian company, based in Toronto, that specializes in communication and surveillance systems for buildings, transportation and healthcare markets. Core technology and products include hardware boards, modules and specialized embedded software for voice, video and IoT. Arcturus has hardware expertise in all mainstream 32 and 64-bit embedded architectures and software developers with expertise in kernel, drivers, applications and system integration including mobile app and IoT frameworks.

Arcturus has notable industry affiliations including top semiconductor partners; NXP, Analog Devices, Conexant and Arm connected community. Arcturus works closely with its semiconductor partners to deliver specialized hardware with bundled middleware packages – in some cases licensing middleware as part of the semiconductor ASP.

Arcturus has a legacy of innovation that includes pioneering work in embedded Linux on 68K architectures, supplying JPL/NASA for STS-126 mission to ISS, developing the industry’s first VoIP microcontroller solution and achieving early certifications for VoIP signaling interoperability. Arcturus is a trusted supplier to leading Fortune 500 companies. Arcturus has received awards for it’s supplier performance and middleware solutions.