Secure IoT Endpoints,
Tools and Gateways

Create, deploy and manage
secure end-to-end connected systems.

Security first

We get that security is important. That’s why we developed Mbarx Secure IoT to use x509 certificates and TLS v1.2 cryptography. Then we made it scale from powerful Linux systems to tiny RTOS microcontrollers.

Locked-up, but not locked-in

With an ecosystem of endpoints, tools and gateways, Mbarx provides a trust-chain architecture for secure IoT, without locking you in to using public cloud infrastructure. Mbarx keeps your data and connectivity under your control.

Assured connections, trusted content

Automatic connection origination and advanced firewall traversal features keep your IoT endpoints and sites within reach. While our OTA firmware updates go beyond connection security to verify payload integrity, authenticity and compatibility.

Point, click, connect

Simple workflow tools help you manage local endpoints or remote sites via gateways. Configure endpoints, manage firmware or get access to the data you need quickly and easily. Mbarx is IoT done right.

IoT That Makes Sense

Today’s connected devices demand intelligent solutions for tomorrow.

Endpoint Discovery

Endpoint discovery

Mbarx tools and gateways automatically detect each unique endpoint, presenting device status, connection and metadata.

Simple API

Simple API

IoT doesn’t need to be complicated. Our single command-driven protocol is used for configuration, device operation and data passing.

Connectivity and Resilience

Connectivity and resilience

Endpoints accept incoming secure connections or originate them to a remote gateway. Endpoints can periodically check for updates, automatically provision or just plain stay connected.

Workflow Tools and Visualization

Workflow tools and visualization

Mbarx System Manager lets you see all your devices in one convenient tool. Use simple workflows to connect, configure, deploy templates or update firmware on one device or one-hundred.

Built-in Security

Built-in security

Popular IoT protocols require adding security like DTLS. Mbarx has security baked-in, using standard TLS 1.2 socket encryption and x509 certificates. Don’t get caught with your ports open!

Private Remote Sites

Private remote sites

Edge gateways connect remote IoT sites to support private or on-premises IoT clouds. Endpoints don’t need to egress their local network and are not reliant on public cloud infrastructure.

OTA Firmware Validation

OTA firmware validation

Encryption and authentication is just the beginning of security. Mbarx also provides firmware payload authenticity, compatibility and integrity validation.

Firewall Traversal

Firewall traversal

Gateways detect firewalls and use advanced traversal methods to maintain connectivity without unnecessary keepalives or insecure UPNP.

How Mbarx Secure IoT works?

Mbarx Secure IoT is everything you need – except your application.


Arcturus offers a range of Mbarx hardware from simple, easy-to-use microcontroller endpoints to feature-rich Linux systems that support endpoint and gateway modes.

Additional Information

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The development kit contains everything you need to get started including the uCLS1012A-IoT module, host board, cables, accessories and access to the dedicated support site.

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