Get The Edge

Our hardware products simplify your project by providing proven platforms, bundled software and expert support.

Quality that is out of this world

We supply high-quality boards and modules. That means our hardware ends up in some demanding places, not only here on earth, but also on the ISS. Thanks JPL/NASA and STS-126.

Life-cycle Management and PCN

We take pride in ensuring we can deliver the parts you need when you need them. All active customers receive PCN and life-cycle updates as our parts mature.

Active Platforms

Our board and module hardware ranges from low-power microcontrollers for VoIP, IoT and connected industry, to powerful multi-core Linux systems with sophisticated AI accelerators.

Legacy Platforms

Some of our products have been in the market for 20 years – but, just because they are long-in-the-tooth, doesn’t make them short on life.

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