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Full-stack edge AI and vision solutions
for public safety, situational awareness
and behaviour analysis.

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Create, modify and deploy custom
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and edge-optimized runtimes including
Arm NN, TensorFlow Lite and TensorRT.


Unleash The Power
of Edge AI

Edge AI and vision enablement
for public safety, security and situational awareness.

Edge intelligence fuels smart cities

Brinq is a comprehensive, vision-based approach to intelligent public safety. It combines powerful vision algorithms with state-of-the-art inference to detect, identify, track and characterize.

Real-time incident notification

Brinq delivers real-time situational awareness by transforming live video into notifications and actions that matter. It works at the edge without requiring raw video to be streamed externally to a third-party service.

Cloud to edge

Brinq uses a microservices architecture that makes it possible to modify and deploy vision pipelines easily. Pipelines can span across heterogeneous compute platforms including CPUs, GPUs, NPUs and even cloud, providing scalability for heavy workloads and future-proofing edge investment.

Get the edge with Brinq

State-of-the-art inference is only the start of intelligence.

Intrusion, boundary crossing, zone incursion

Intrusion, boundary crossing, zone incursion

People or vehicles are not always where they should be. Whether it’s a person at subway track-level or a vehicle driving on a pedestrian path, the sooner you detect it, the faster you can respond.

People counting, occupancy, capacity estimation

People counting, occupancy, capacity estimation

The movement of people helps to provide operational analytics to determine capacity compliance, over-crowding or even prolonged occupancy of a single changeroom.

Proximity detection, distancing, tailgating

Proximity detection, distancing, tailgating

From fare evasion on public transportation to compliance with workplace physical distancing protocols. Proximity detection tools help identify when people are too close for comfort.

Crowd detection, flow, counter flow

Crowd appearance and flow

Did a fire alarm go off or a game get out? Crowds give us insights into events and congestion while flow can identify wrong-way travellers, like a person or vehicle trying to enter using an exit.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition / verification

It’s not always about mass surveillance. Our facial recognition solutions are used in applications on commercial vehicles to make sure the right operator is in the right vehicle at the right time.

Characterization, reidentification

Characterization, reidentification

Our characterization, identification and reidentification tools allow you to track or match by natural language description or by image. Easily create active watch lists or search archival data.

Behaviour classification and action recognition

Behaviour and action

Detecting unusual behaviour is a precursor to avoiding a more serious issue. Detect and classify when behaviour seems abnormal, threatening, suspicious or requires additional attention.

Abandoned package, package/object theft or removal

Package Analysis

Whether a distracted person forgot their luggage or a perpetrator tries to steal a delivery from your doorstep understanding objects and ownership gives us the insights we need to identify threats.

Advanced motion and appearance tracking

Motion and appearance tracking

Motion tracking gives us insights into the movement and duration of people or objects in the field of view. While appearance tracking helps identify the same person or object again at a different time or place.

Comprehensive full-stack solutions

Comprehensive full-stack solutions

Live and playback video modes, real-time notifications, time-series database all within a comprehensive UX designed in consultation with law enforcement, transportation and security professionals.

How Brinq works?

Brinq gives you the analytics you need, where you need them.


Arcturus offers scalable, modular edge AI hardware using processors from NXP and NVIDIA with accelerated runtime support for TensorFlow Lite, TensorRT and Arm NN.

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API-level access to build your own vision pipelines using a state-of-the-art model catalogue.
Edge accelerated runtimes including Arm NN, TensorRT, TensorFlow Lite and TensorFlow.
Free trials of Brinq Edge Creator SDK are available to qualified participants.

Turn-key approach to delivering your edge AI, vision or public safety project.
Low-barrier to entry engagements give you access to our specialized resources and developers. Packages tailored to meet your needs start at $7500.

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