• uCLS1012A Module

    With a 64-bit ARM®v8 Core,
    network, voice, BLE and Thread®
    connecting your world is a snap.

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embedded middleware

Management Middleware
Management Middleware
Embedded Linux device management
  • Configuration settings database
  • System configuration engine
  • Support for common Linux services
  • Firmware and bootloader management
  • WebUI, SNMP, CLI, file-based provisioning
  • API for application integration
Voice and Media Middleware
Voice and Media Middleware
Embedded solutions for communications devices
  • VoIP, video, intercom, PTT and PA paging
  • Multicast and unicast media
  • SIP and RTP security
  • Audio intelligibility enhancements
  • Scalable multiline support
  • Supervision, reporting and self test tools
Mbarx Secure IoT
Mbarx Secure IoT
IoT end-points, tools and gateways
  • End-point, node stacks
  • TLS and data payload security
  • IoT site access and services gateways
  • Operational workflow controllers
  • System-wide management tools



embedded modules

Embedded VoIP Modules
Embedded VoIP Modules
Hardened voice communication systems
  • Intercoms, PA paging, PTT, RoIP
  • VoIP using SIP, RTP
  • Multicast notification and announcements
  • Audio intelligibility enhancements
  • Security extensions
Embedded Industrial Modules
Embedded Industrial Modules
32-bit general purpose devices with various peripherals
  • Instrumentation and analysis
  • Control and automation
  • Human machine interfaces
  • Networked data collection
  • Linux / uClinux software
Embedded Gateway Modules
Embedded Gateway Modules
Powerful 32 and 64-bit digital networking devices
  • Network access, storage, services, security
  • Wire speed network communication
  • IP-PBX and communications stacks
  • Mbarx Secure IoT gateway stacks
  • Linux software


System Solutions

for equipment manufacturers

System Solutions
System Solutions
Find out how Arcturus helps manufacturers meet the specialized needs of communications systems for:




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