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VoIP Boards and Modules
Embedded VoIP Boards and Modules
Embedded VoIP Boards and Modules

Arcturus embedded VoIP modules target a broad range of voice and IP audio distribution applications including VoIP, RoIP, intercoms, handsets, PA paging and mass notification. Development kits include all the necessary components to evaluate the system and create solutions, including direct support from Arcturus.


Boards are suitable for use directly in products and fit commercially available enclosures. They accept 12VDC or 802.3af PD PoE to reduce wiring costs. Various configurations, connector types, I/O, isolation and transient voltage suppression options are available.

  • Single channel, VoIP or IP audio + M2M/IoT– PoE and Class-D amp (uCMK60-VoIP)»
  • Single channel, multi-service VoIP + M2M/IoT – PoE and Class-D amp (uCIOCOM)»
  • PBX and communication applications, optional Linux BSP (uCP1020)»

Modules are suitable for low-mid volume applications, prototypes and to bring products to market quickly. They include all major components and require minimal external circuitry to integrate (other than 3.3VDC).

  • Single channel, VoIP or IP audio with M2M/IoT for system integration (uCMK60-VoIP)»
  • Single channel, multi-service VoIP with Linux BSP and API (uC53281)»
  • Multichannel, multiservice VoIP with Linux BSP and API (uCBF54x)»
  • PBX and communication applications, optional Linux BSP (uCP1020)»

All VoIP boards and modules meet stringent performance requirements and are suitable for operation in harsh environments. Support and customization is available.

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General Purpose Industrial Modules
General Purpose Industrial Modules
General Purpose Industrial Modules
Arcturus general purpose industrial modules target a range of non-consumer applications including; controls, machine interface, sensor networks and protocol conversion devices. Devices offer a range of performance from 33MHz to 533MHz and support network, I/O, various peripheral and physical interfaces. The modules include all major components, transceivers and power management ICs, allowing them to support most applications with minimal external circuitry. Development kits include tailored open source Linux/uClinux software distributions with tools. Arcturus modules meet stringent performance requirements and are suitable for operation in harsh environments. A full suite of services is available for support and customization.

Every module is individually tested and shipped with software pre-installed. Volume orders can have custom software preloaded, making final production integration simple.

For legacy platforms including uC68VZ328, uC5272 and uC5282 contact Arcturus Support

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System Solutions
System Solutions
System Solutions
Arcturus system solutions are bundled engagements designed for equipment manufacturers in key vertical markets. The solutions include specialized hardware, software, support and services for applications such as nurse call systems, school intercoms, fire/safety notification, building access control or mass-transit passenger/vehicle communications.

  • Transportation – Vehicle, wayside, stations, airports
  • Buildings – Notification, paging, security, fire, safety
  • Healthcare – Nurse call, patient care, assisted living

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Embedded Middleware

Embedded middleware solutions enable core device functionality by creating a known sub-system with a defined API. This allows developers to focus on their core application instead of creating device management policies or media signaling conformance.

Management Middleware
Management Middleware
Arcturus Management Middleware is an application framework suitable for creating, deploying and maintaining embedded devices. It uses database objects to represent system parameters, statistics, variables and settings and contains internal policies that control the way changes are applied to the running device. The middleware is a fully integrated software solution including:
  • Secure webUI with complete HTML
  • Secure Remote Provisioning
  • Command Line Management Client, XML Client, Kernel API, SNMP Agent
  • Firmware Management, Failover and Watchdog Recovery Protection
Voice and Media Middleware
Voice and Media Middleware
Arcturus Voice and Media Middleware is an embedded application framework for the creation of multi-service, voice-centric devices. It supports several concurrent modes of operation and scales efficiently from single to multi-channel. The middleware is a complete software solution suitable for various applications including:
  • Full Duplex Digital Intercoms and VoIP End-Points
  • Push-to-Call, Click-to-Call and PTT
  • Multichannel IP Convergence and Radio-Over-IP
  • Mass Notification, Overhead Paging and Background Music
  • Speaker Independent Speech Recognition for Voice Control
Mbarx is embedded end-point software with a suite of PC based host tools for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and IoT applications. The end-point software supports device discovery, service availability and presence; remote operation or supervision by a host and maintenance activities, firmware updates and configuration. Several PC host tools are available; Mbarx-System Manager – a system-wide management tool; Mbarx-Operations Controller – for many-to-many supervision and operation with a QT framework example to assist with custom user work-flow implementations. Mbarx is suitable for various classes of devices from small MCU based systems or sensors to complex multiservice platforms including applications in:
  • Building access and security
  • Heathcare and patient care systems
  • Mass transit system control and security
  • Data acquisition and SCADA devices
  • Connected sensors and meters
  • Building automation, HVAC systems and controls