Brinq Multiple Object Tracking

Arcturus Achieves Global Recognition with Best In-Class Multiple Object Tracking Performance

Brinq Software Improves Accuracy of Vision Based Object Tracking on Edge Devices

Toronto — July 13, 2022 — Arcturus Networks Inc., a leading provider of edge AI analytics and enablement today announced the results of its public submission to the global Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) benchmark competition where Arcturus Brinq Traq (BQTQ) achieved a MOTA benchmark score of 77.2 for MOT16 and 77.7 for MOT17 challenges. The results represent a 0.7 point gap from the top MOT16 position at 77.9 and a 2.6 point gap from the top MOT17 position at 80.3. This ranks Brinq tracking solutions in the top-10 globally when compared with all submissions (including leading research) and as the number one, commercially available edge solution.

Multiple object tracking remains an area of highly active research among academic institutes and commercial organizations with advancements in ML enabling powerful new methods. Multiple object tracking requires a unique ID to be generated for each object in the field of view. This anonymized ID is maintained frame-over-frame as the object moves, ultimately describing how each unique object interacts with the space around it. Accurate multiple object tracking is achieved by maintaining each unique track ID, a task referred to as reidentification. The advancement Arcturus ML data scientists achieved is increasing reidentification accuracy, while improving overall efficiency. The result is that Brinq tracking software is more tolerant to occlusions and performant on low-power edge devices.

“Tracking is a primitive for many applications as it provides critical insights beyond object detection. One novel application of tracking we’ve seen is in food handling, to ensure an employee uses the hand wash station prior to entering the food preparation area” said David Steele, director of innovation at Arcturus. “Other applications include healthcare, smart retail stores and public safety”.

Brinq Tracking Solutions

Brinq provides a suite of tracking options, targeting three performance tiers. 

  • A low-complexity motion-prediction only method to address low-power or high-frame rate applications
  • A medium-complexity motion-prediction solution that maintains tracklet data to achieve high-accuracy tracking even in situations with high object density
  • A method that enhances either above approach with a visual appearance embedding, making it possible to re-associate an object with a track, when the motion track is lost.

In addition, two enhancements are currently under development – Multi-Target, Multi-Camera (MTMC) tracking and long-term reidentification, each of which enhance tracking capabilities in either space or time domains.

About the MOT Benchmark

The MOT benchmark is a unified framework towards more meaningful quantification of multi-target tracking. The framework is the industry standard tool for the fair evaluation of multiple people tracking algorithms. This framework provides:

  • A large collection of datasets representing various tracking challenges  
  • Detections for all the sequences
  • A common evaluation tool providing standardized measures
  • An easy way to compare the performance of state-of-the-art tracking methods.
  • Several challenges with subsets of data for specific tasks such as 3D tracking, surveillance, sports analysis

Pricing and Availability

Brinq Edge AI and Vision supports various options for tracking performance and hardware acceleration across CPUs, NPUs and GPUs. The solutions are currently available as part of an enablement or system level solutions engagement. A video demo illustrates Brinq tracking performance along with MOT results. For more information contact Arcturus.

Additional Information

For additional product information refer to the Brinq product page. For MOT Benchmark assessment results refer to our demo video or contact Arcturus.

About Arcturus

For over 20 years Arcturus has been an edge pioneer. From delivering some of the first embedded Linux ports and devices to our award-winning research and products, Arcturus is built on a legacy of innovation. Today, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, IP and enablement for connected voice, video, vision, AI and secure IoT systems.
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