Embedded World - NXP Edge AI Round Table i.MX 8M Plus

Embedded World 2021 – NXP Edge AI Roundtable

Machine Learning Meets Real World, Deploying Solutions on Embedded Processors

With endless possibilities for machine learning (ML) at the Edge, designing for ML applications are at the forefront of embedded engineers’ minds. Join this roundtable session from Embedded World 2021 to explore some of the top considerations when developing and running your machine learning models on embedded processors in the real world.

Experts from NXP and its partners will discuss some of the design considerations and trends in the market, including considerations for data, training, and model selection options all the way to deployment for IoT, Security and Industrial applications.


  • Ali Osman Örs – Director, AI and ML Strategy and Technologies, Edge Processing, NXP Semiconductors
  • Thies Möller – Chief Engineer, Basler AG
  • David Steele, Director of Innovation, Arcturus

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Featured product: Brinq Edge AI and Vision Analytics.

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