Arm AI Tech Talk - Bringing Edge AI to Life

Arm AI Tech Talk – Bringing Edge AI to Life (Webinar Recording)

Bringing Edge AI To Life – From Concept to Production

This Arm AI Tech Talk webinar recording was presented by David Steele from Arcturus and Ali Osman Örs from NXP Semiconductors . The webinar covers software enablement and application development including the following topics;

  • NXP eIQ™ tool for ML software development environment
  • Model tools including edge runtime enablement and optimization
  • Dataset tools including curation, augmentation and model training
  • ML Optimization Techniques (incl. concurrent processing, batch processing, tiling)
  • Atlas Scalable Edge AI Hardware
  • Brinq Scalable Edge Software Pipeline Architecture
  • Brinq Characterization System Solutions Demo (using Atlas hardware)
  • Additional resources

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Featured product: Brinq Edge AI and Vision Analytics.

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