Real-time Voice and Video Evolved

enablement for
all types of hardened communications devices.

Clear voice

No matter the application, audio intelligibility is critical. We built SIPxtream with wide-band audio performance, then enhanced it with echo cancellation, noise reduction and active talker algorithms to maximize audibility. Clarity that exceeds expectations, no matter what the environment.

From simple to sophisticated

We introduced the industry’s first VoIP system on a microcontroller and our award winning Linux solutions scale to offer multichannel, concurrent voice, video, unicast and multicast services. Whether it’s a simple door intercom or a complex communications controller, SIPxtream delivers a range of services, features, security and protocol options.

Get your message out

SIPxtream PA and mass notification services support local announcement file playback, multicast streaming or messaging, with synchronization options at the frame level. Regardless if it’s a school bell system or an oil rig, get your message out loud and clear.

See it with video

SIPxtream video integration provides compatibility with standard video codecs and supports streaming using SIP signalling, webRTC and RTSP services. Camera integration can even be supported on low-power devices. It’s time to see what everyone’s talking about.

Security extensions

VoIP communications doesn’t need to be insecure. That’s why we added extensions to SIPxtream to support end-to-end signalling and media encryption. No matter how many gateways are in the path, negotiation occurs between the endpoints, making communication private between participants, not servers.

Let’s talk hardened communications

Scalable edge communications that focus on performance, flexibility and reliability.



SIP (VoIP) signalling stack or simple start/stop media command and control



RTP streaming using 20 or 30 mS packets with RTCP quality metrics including jitter and loss

PA and Notification

PA and notification

Local announcement file playback, multicast audio streaming or messaging



Narrow and wide-band speech codecs; G.711a/u, iLBC, G.726, G.722, OPUS, DTX

Intelligibility enhancements

Intelligibility enhancements

Echo and noise suppression algorithms with audibility enhancements



Streaming video using SIP signalling, RTSP or WebRTC with UVC or MIPI camera integration



SIP-TLS signalling and sRTP media including SIPS extensions for end-to-end security

Resilience and Redundancy

Resilience and redundancy

High-availability operation, failure detection, call quality analysis and self-test functions

Application Integration

Application integration

Simple command-based host protocol or host application integration using Linux systems

How SIPxtream works?

If communication is central to your application, then SIPxtream delivers.


Arcturus offers a range of VoIP hardware from simple, easy to use microcontroller based VoIP platforms to feature-rich multiservice and multichannel Linux devices with full security.

Additional Information

Learn more about how SIPxtream can help you deliver hardened communications systems.

Our Engagement

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or have a project that needs access to our specialized resources, Arcturus offers low-cost development kits or tailored engagements to help you get moving quickly.

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The development kit contains everything you need to get started including the uCMK64-VoIP module, host board, cables, accessories and access to the dedicated support site.

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uCLS1012A-VoIP Development Kit

The development kit contains everything you need to get started including the uCLS1012A-VoIP module, host board, cables, accessories and access to the dedicated support site.

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