Supercomputer Performance
Meets Edge Inference

Full-stack edge AI and vision solutions
for public safety, situational awareness
and behaviour analysis.

Brinq Edge Creator SDK

Edge Vision
in minutes
not months

Create, modify and deploy custom
vision systems easily with access to
a state-of-the-art model catalogue, APIs
and edge-optimized runtimes including
Arm NN, TensorFlow Lite and TensorRT.


Unleash The Power
of Edge AI

Edge AI and vision enablement
for public safety, security and situational awareness.

Edge intelligence fuels smart cities

Brinq is a comprehensive, vision-based approach to intelligent public safety. It combines powerful vision algorithms with state-of-the-art inference to detect, identify, track and characterize.

Real-time incident notification

Brinq delivers real-time situational awareness by transforming live video into notifications and actions that matter. It works at the edge without requiring raw video to be streamed externally to a third-party service.

Cloud to edge

Brinq uses a microservices architecture that makes it possible to modify and deploy vision pipelines easily. Pipelines can span across heterogeneous compute platforms including CPUs, GPUs, NPUs and even cloud, providing scalability for heavy workloads and future-proofing edge investment.

Get the edge with Brinq

State-of-the-art inference is only the start of intelligence.

Edge enablement

ML edge enablement

Model and runtime enablement using a scalable containerized microservices pipeline architecture

Edge acceleration

Edge acceleration

Edge NPU and GPU acceleration using NXP, VeriSilicon, Nvidia and Kinara

2D 3D vision

2D and 3D vision

RGB and RGBD vision analysis for inspection and analytics

People analytics

People analytics

Intrusion, counting, proximity, crowds, face verification; clothing characterization, PPE, age, gender, emotion, action, behavior

Abandoned package, package/object theft or removal

Package analytics

Package monitoring and abandoned package detection with owner identification

Vehicle analytics

Vehicle analytics

License Plate Recognition (LPR), vehicle type and make characterization

Tracking Re-identification

Tracking and reidentification analytics

Industry leading tracking solutions including long-term and multicamera reidentification

3D inspection

3D / inspection analytics

Real-time depth and volumetric analysis for road, rail or industrial inspection

Comprehensive full-stack solutions

Full stack solutions

Detection zones, boundaries, real-time notifications, timeline visualization and analyst workflows

How Brinq works?

Brinq gives you the analytics you need, where you need them.


Arcturus offers scalable, modular edge AI hardware using processors from NXP, NVIDIA and Kinara with accelerated runtime support for TensorFlow Lite, TensorRT and Arm NN.

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Whether you want to do-it-yourself or have a project that needs access to our specialized resources, Arcturus offers low-cost development kits or tailored engagements to help you get moving quickly.

API-level access to build your own vision pipelines using a state-of-the-art model catalogue.
Edge accelerated runtimes including Arm NN, TensorRT, TensorFlow Lite and TensorFlow.
Free trials of Brinq Edge Creator SDK are available to qualified participants.

Turn-key approach to delivering your edge AI, vision or public safety project.
Low-barrier to entry engagements give you access to our specialized resources and developers. Packages tailored to meet your needs start at $7500.

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