Healthcare System Solutions

nurse call, patient care, assisted living



Arcturus system solutions are available to help equipment manufacturers meet the specialized requirements of devices in healthcare including:

  • Hospital and patient care systems
  • In-home and remote healthcare monitoring
  • Assisted and independent living

With Arcturus solutions it is possible to create centrally operated patient response systems that meet or exceed NEMA audio intelligibility recommendations, while offering tight-integration with existing equipment and work flow.



Solutions include installation-ready hardware platforms, bundled with specialized middleware packages that are suitable for virtually any healthcare application requiring voice support combined with options for central operation and management. Solutions offer a device virtualization service that provides a protocol-based way to remotely operate many devices from one or more locations. The service supports converged fixed-mobile operation, providing tight work-flow and better overall system integration. The solution offers multiple physical and virtual connectivity options including support for third-party equipment such as corridor lights, audio alerts, IP video cameras or sensors to detect basic biometircs and wandering.

A range of tools are available to address; intelligibility, mobile device integration, centralized operation, device management, installation and maintenance.

  • Industry leading digital voice support
  • Scalable toolkits for central operation and control
  • Scalable toolkits for local and remote management
  • Solutions for mobile device integration
  • Automatic device discovery and association
  • Third party device integration including IP video
  • External device connectivity for sensors and dry contacts
  • Full customization, support and integration options

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Telephony Features
  • Full duplex SIP / RTP based VoIP
  • Fully automatic or supervised intercom modes
  • G.711a, G.711u, G.726, G.729, G.721, G.722 wide band
  • AEC/Dedicated Hardware AEC
  • Primary and failover server support
  • Full peer-to-peer coexistence
Prerecorded Announcements
  • Built-in framework for file play and sequencing
  • Support for call progress message announcements
  • Native format voCoder transcoding tool
  • Uploadable (dynamic) audio files
Mass Notification and Paging
  • Fully automatic or supervised multicast paging receiver
  • Standalone Multicast paging broadcaster
  • Automatic SIP paging rebroadcaster mode
  • 99 unique paging groups per multicast address
  • Extensible muticast addresses and ports
  • Dynamic and ad-hoc page group creation
  • Built in auto-disconnect, reconnect
  • Last-in in wins arbitration
  • Built in facilities for priorities, alert tones
  • Firmware management Framework
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Firmware failover framework
  • Definable Serial Port and Boot Parameters
  • Low-level device recovery
Reporting and Supervision
  • Remote logging of system activities
  • Active network failure detection
  • Event and alarm reporting
  • Loss of server detection, reporting and failover
  • Analog component acoustic quality testing and reporting
  • Call quality detection, reporting and countermeasures
  • Full watchdog subsystem with application protection
  • Hardware watchdog
WebUI Module
  • Web User Interface for Configuration
  • SSL v2 and v3 Cryptography Support (HTTPS)
  • Login Authentication
  • Auto Log Out and Deny Simultaneous Users
Remote Provisioning
  • Automatic file-based remote management
  • HTTPS transport with SSL cryptography
  • Compatible with standard webserver
  • Simple script configuration file
  • Configurable with unique authentication credentials
  • Post-parsed compatibility with dynamic webservers
Discovery and Association
  • MDNS device and service discovery
  • Broadcasts unique device credentials and configurable names
  • Firmware service names and mode
  • Compatible with any BonjourTM enabled web browser
  • Compatible with device virtualiztion and mobile tools
Other Services
  • DHCP, NTP, DNS, ARP, Telnet
  • Basic voice response tool for setup
  • Persistent objects and factory settings
  • TFTP device recovery
Remote Operation
  • I/O control interface
  • Dedicated signals for supervision via PLC or I/O block
  • Dedicated signals for stand alone operation using dry contacts
  • Device virtualization for remote operation via network
External Device Connectivity
  • I/O Interface for dry contact controls
  • Optional peripheral interfaces for sensors
  • Optional IEEE1588 physical layer time synchronization


Intelligibility Tools
  • Automatic ambient noise detection and compensation
  • Tests for acoustic performance of analog components
  • Quality monitoring of network, voice data, latency, loss
  • Countermeasures for server availability and low quality
  • Framework for prerecorded announcements
Centralized Operation Tools
  • Virtualization service for remote operation and supervision
  • Integration with external devices including IP cameras
  • Support for Windows®, Mac®, Linux®
Centralized Administration Tools
  • System wide firmware management and administration
  • Centralized file based remote provisioning
  • Complete web GUI available from central tools
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile Device Integration
  • Virtualization service for remote operation and supervision
  • Installer and troubleshooting solutions
  • Integration with external devices including IP cameras
  • Support for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®
Additional Packages and Options
  • Middleware SDK, APIs and Frameworks
  • A rich portfolio of IP building blocks
  • Advanced audio processing algorithms and tools
  • Full suite of services, support and customization options

Related Standards

  • NEMA – SB10 Audio Standard for Nurse Call Systems
  • UL1069 Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment
  • NEMA – SB50 Emergency Communications / Audio Intelligibility Applications Guide