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Arcturus system solutions are available to help equipment manufacturers meet the specialized requirements of building system applications including:

  • Public address (PA) systems and mass notification
  • Fire and alarm panel audio controllers
  • School paging systems, campus wide notification
  • Elevator call buttons and rescue assistance
  • Building access controllers and entrance systems
  • Digital intercoms and push-to-call (PTC) devices

Arcturus system solutions offer tools that can help meet or exceed NEMA SB50, SB40 and NFPA-72 digital voice recommendations while providing facilities for highly supervised operation and management from central stations. The system supports options to address audio intelligibility, installer and maintenance tools and provides multiple connectivity options for physical integration to external equipment.



Solutions include installation-ready hardware platforms, bundled with specialized middleware packages suitable for virtually any building system application that combines voice support with supervision or external device integration. In addition to high-quality, two-way intercom support the solution offers scalable multicast PA paging for local or wide-area mass notification. Intelligibility toolkits are available that include ADPCM vocoders, background audio level compensation, pre-recorded announcements and the ability to detect degraded audio performance at the component level. Systems can be operated autonomously, by digital controls or via a network protocol that allows virtualization of the device remotely by a supervising system. Physical interfaces support direct connection of external sensors, door controllers or horns and lights. Solutions are capable of utilizing methods such as IEEE1588 clock synchronization to support the precise trigger events required by external notification equipment such as strobes.

  • Industry leading digital voice and intercom support
  • Local and wide area mass notification
  • Tools to address audio intelligibility
  • Tools for integration, operation and system supervision
  • Tools and mobile apps for installers and central management
  • Third party device integration including IP video surveillance
  • Support for the direct connection of external devices
  • Full customization, support and integration options

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Telephony Features
  • Full duplex SIP / RTP based VoIP
  • Fully automatic or supervised intercom modes
  • G.711a, G.711u, G.726, G.729, G.721, G.722 wide band
  • AEC/Dedicated Hardware AEC
  • Primary and failover server support
  • Full peer-to-peer coexistence
Prerecorded Announcements
  • Built-in framework for file play and sequencing
  • Support for call progress message announcements
  • Native format voCoder transcoding tool
  • Uploadable (dynamic) audio files
Mass Notification and Paging
  • Fully automatic or supervised multicast paging receiver
  • Standalone Multicast paging broadcaster
  • Automatic SIP paging rebroadcaster mode
  • 99 unique paging groups per multicast address
  • Extensible muticast addresses and ports
  • Dynamic and ad-hoc page group creation
  • Built in auto-disconnect, reconnect
  • Last-in in wins arbitration
  • Built in facilities for priorities, alert tones
  • Firmware management Framework
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Firmware failover framework
  • Definable Serial Port and Boot Parameters
  • Low-level device recovery
Reporting and Supervision
  • Remote logging of system activities
  • Active network failure detection
  • Event and alarm reporting
  • Loss of server detection, reporting and failover
  • Analog component acoustic quality testing and reporting
  • Call quality detection, reporting and countermeasures
  • Full watchdog subsystem with application protection
  • Hardware watchdog
WebUI Module
  • Web User Interface for Configuration
  • SSL v2 and v3 Cryptography Support (HTTPS)
  • Login Authentication
  • Auto Log Out and Deny Simultaneous Users
Remote Provisioning
  • Automatic file-based remote management
  • HTTPS transport with SSL cryptography
  • Compatible with standard webserver
  • Simple script configuration file
  • Configurable with unique authentication credentials
  • Post-parsed compatibility with dynamic webservers
Discovery and Association
  • MDNS device and service discovery
  • Broadcasts unique device credentials and configurable names
  • Firmware service names and mode
  • Compatible with any BonjourTM enabled web browser
  • Compatible with device virtualiztion and mobile tools
Other Services
  • DHCP, NTP, DNS, ARP, Telnet
  • Basic voice response tool for setup
  • Persistent objects and factory settings
  • TFTP device recovery
Remote Operation
  • I/O control interface
  • Dedicated signals for supervision via PLC or I/O block
  • Dedicated signals for stand alone operation using dry contacts
  • Device virtualization for remote operation via network
External Device Connectivity
  • I/O Interface for dry contact controls
  • Optional peripheral interfaces for sensors
  • Optional IEEE1588 physical layer time synchronization


Intelligibility Tools
  • Automatic ambient noise detection and compensation
  • Tests for acoustic performance of analog components
  • Quality monitoring of network, voice data, latency, loss
  • Countermeasures for server availability and low quality
  • Framework for prerecorded announcements
Centralized Operation Tools
  • Virtualization service for remote operation and supervision
  • Integration with external devices including IP cameras
  • Support for Windows®, Mac®, Linux®
Centralized Administration Tools
  • System wide firmware management and administration
  • Centralized file based remote provisioning
  • Complete web GUI available from central tools
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile Device Integration
  • Virtualization service for remote operation and supervision
  • Installer and troubleshooting solutions
  • Integration with external devices including IP cameras
  • Support for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®
Additional Packages and Options
  • Middleware SDK, APIs and Frameworks
  • A rich portfolio of IP building blocks
  • Advanced audio processing algorithms and tools
  • Full suite of services, support and customization options

Related Standards

  • NEMA-SB50 Emergency Communications / Audio Intelligibility Applications Guide
  • NEMA-SB40 Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools
  • NFPA-72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code