Industrial Gateway and Communications Module

NXP QorIQ P1020 Module

The uCP1020 is a compact (80x80mm) System-on-Module (SoM) designed for communication and data delivery applications that require a combination of CPU performance, high-throughput network processing and rugged operation. The module uses an 800MHz dual-core NXPTM P1020 PowerTM architecture communications processor. The system features up to 2x Gbit Ethernet networks and 2x PCIe lanes for additional Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or other data communications. The 120-pin uCP1020 module supports all necessary sub-systems on-board, it uses industrial rated parts and requires only passive cooling, no spinning disc and no fan.

A complete development kit is available that provides all the necessary tools to:

  • Evaluate the capabilities of the uCP1020 module and Linux OS.
  • Evaluate Arcturus middleware and other application stacks.
  • Act as a development system to create rugged, high-performance communication applications.
  • Act as an off-the-shelf module component, qualified for production use.

A complete suite of services and engagement packages are available to support design, development, customization, system-level integration, support and training.

Application Stacks

  • PBX/Communications Software – Asterisk® PBX and FreePBX® management GUI. view video»
  • Mbarx IoT Gateway Middleware – for secure management of remote device sites. view video»

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parametric table

    Platform Overview

    Core Processor and Memory
    • NXP QorIQ P1020 dual-core processor (optional P2020 or P1010)
    • 2x 800MHz e500 v2 Power architecture cores
    • 512MByte DDR3-SDRAM (optional 512MByte-4GByte) with ECC (Error Correction)
    • 64MByte NOR Flash (optional 8-128MByte)
    • 1MByte SPI flash (optional)
    • Optional 4-32GByte eMMC Flash
    Network, Connectivity and Peripherals
    • 2x eTSEC 10,100,1000 Ethernet
    • IEEE-1588 Network Time Synchronization
    • Up to 2x PCIe 1.0 (two lanes)
    • PCIe/mPCIe based Wi-Fi connectivity as tested using Atheros AR9390
    • PCIe/mPCIe based 3G connectivity as tested using Telit HE910 family (HEPCHGPS204T701)
    • Up to 2x SERDES
    • Up to 2x UARTs with CTS/RTS flow control
    • SPI with up to 3x chip selects
    • USB – Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Host Interface
    • eSDHC – Enhanced Secure Digital Host Controller (SDcard/MMC)
    • I2C Peripheral Interface
    • Up to 9x GPIO
    • Up to 3x IRQ inputs and 1x IRQ output
    uCP1020 Module Hostboard
    • Complete reference design for module implementation
    • Power supply, network terminations and connectors
    • Debug terminations, LEDs and reset
    • Passive cooling thermal implementation reference
    uCP1020 Physical and Ratings
    • +3.3VDC ± 5%, 5W max (TBR)
    • Parts rating -40°C to +85°C
    • Board-to-Board mating using 120-pin Samtec connector QSH-060-01-S-D-A
uCP1020 Application Diagram
IoT Gateways
  • IoT/M2M gateway, protocol proxy and connectivity agent
  • Site-wide data acquisition, telemetry and data transport
  • Secure remote site access controller and end-point manager
  • Wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data gateway
Industrial Communication Infrastructure
  • Building communications controller/PBX
  • Public transportation vehicle communications controller
  • Nurse call system central controller
  • Security/public safety PA system controller
Connectivity and Access
  • WiFi AP mode and network services, firewall
  • Remote site VPN
  • Public WiFi hotspots
  • Network isolation, QoS and traffic shaping
  • Wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data gateway
Block Diagram

Software Overview

Base System
  • Linux kernel version 3.14 (or newer)
  • U-Boot – 2015.01 (or newer)
  • GCC 4.7.4
  • GNU binutils 2.24
  • Libc:eglibc 2.18
  • Virtualization: KVM,LXC, libvirt (Hypervisor)
  • Integrated Application Specific Fast (ASF) Path enhancements
  • Drivers for I2C, IEEE1588, PCIe, Power Management, SDHC, SEC, SPI, TDM, USB, TSEC/FEC, Watchdog
Arcturus Management Middleware
  • Configuration system, API and database objects
  • WebUI configuration and firmware management
  • Remote provisioning
  • Syslog and remote logging
  • System tools (integrated watchdog, factory reset etc)
Optional Arcturus VoIP PBX Software
  • Asterisk® PBX implementation
  • FreePBXTM GUI management interface
Mbarx Secure IoT – Maintenance and Configuration Tools
  • Mbarx System Manager Utility for site-wide maintenance and monitoring (Windows® or Mac®)
  • Supports system wide firmware deployment and configuration
  • Supports system wide configuration templates
  • Free eval version provided with development kit
voip development kit
uCP1020 Development Kit
  • uCP1020 Module (uCP1020-64EE512-800-0U1-XR)
  • Module with Linux and Arcturus Middleware Pre-installed
  • uCP1020 Module hostboard
  • Cables and power supply
  • Software distribution including Linux and Middleware (download)
  • Integration schematics (download)
  • Getting Started Guide (download)
  • Documentation (download)
  • How-to’s, example code and tutorials (download)
  • Mbarx-System Manager site-wide management tool (Win/Mac eval. download)
  • One year of dedicated support site access
  • One year of installation support and maintenance
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