Secure IoT Module

uCMK64 IoT Module

The uCMK64-IoT is a 60x60mm module for IoT applications that require a combination of security, connectivity and host control.

The system combines an NXP Kinetis K64 ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller with Arcturus Mbarx Secure IoT endpoint firmware for secure management including OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates and host control. The hardware supports connectivity options for both 802.11bgn Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet network and peripheral connectivity.

The uCMK64-IoT is compatible with the Mbarx ecosystem of endpoints, tools and gateways, including the Mbarx System Manager tool for site-wide configuration and firmware management. Together with other Mbarx elements this forms a chain-of-trust architecture and secure end-to-end IoT system. This simplified approach allows developers to focus on their core IoT application, spending less time developing and maintaining underpinning connectivity, management and configuration systems.

The uCMK64-IoT is available in the following ways:

  • Development Kit – for evaluation and prototype using the System Solutions Board
  • System Solutions Board – board with module and PoE* (or 12VDC), Wi-Fi, audio*, class-D amp*, I/O isolation*, connectors*, development headers*, buttons*, LEDs
  • Module – 60x60mm, 120Pin module with MCU, network*, Wi-Fi* and audio*
  • *various configurations of the board and module hardware are available

A complete suite of services and engagement packages are available to support design, development, customization, system-level integration, support and training.

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    Platform Overview

    Key Module Features
    • 120MHz NXP Kinetis K64 ARM Cortex-M4 Core Microcontroller (MCU)
    • 1Mbyte Flash / 256Kbyte SRAM internal to MCU
    • 10/100BaseT Network Support with auto-MDX and link / activity LED
    • 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Support
    • SDHC, USB, CAN, SPI, SAI(SSI), I2C, NAND, Analog peripheral connectivity
    • Up to 52 GPIO signals
    • RS232 serial console (optional TTL)
    • RTC (realtime clock) with optional battery back up
    • Watchdog controller
    • Optional audio subsystem with intelligibility and psychoacoustic enhancements
    • -40 to +85oC parts rating
    • IoT Tools and firmware (see software tab)
    System Solutions Board / Development Kit Features
    • System Solutions Board includes built-in module
    • 802.3af PoE PD (Powered Device) or 12VDC supply
    • Class-D audio amplifier (up to 15W)
    • 8x contact closure pairs with optical isolation terminated to development header and LEDs (see firmware documentation)
    • 8x loop closure detectors with TVS terminated to development header and push-buttons (see firmware documentation)
    • Dedicated input signals for operation
    • Dedicated output signals (including alarm)
    • Reset button
    • Power and network status LEDs
    • SDcard Slot, RJ45, DB9 Serial, 3.5mm stereo audio connectors, speaker connectors, expansion headers
uCMK64-IoT Application Diagram
  • HVAC and building systems
  • Access control and entry systems
  • Remote air quality sensors
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Home monitoring equiment
Block Diagram

Software Overview

Base System
  • All software/middleware executes internal to MCU
  • DHCP client or static network configuration
  • NTP client – network time
  • Rsyslog – Remote system logging
  • No BSP or MCU firmware development required
Mbarx Secure IoT Endpoint Firmware
  • Mbarx discovery and pairing service (e.g.: device name, type, location, firmware, config. template)
  • Mbarx ASD host protocol operation over TCP/IP socket with TLS security
  • Mbarx ASD host protocol operation over UART connection
  • Mbarx peripheral connectivity (bidirectional using UART-to-Net)
  • Mbarx secure firmware upgrade service
  • Mbarx secure “Call Home” (connection origination) service
  • Compatible with Mbarx-System Manager, site-wide, GUI management tool (Windows® or Mac®)
  • Compatible with Mbarx IoT development tools, including Virtual Control Panel
Mbarx Secure IoT – System Manager Tool
  • Site-wide management and configuration tool
  • Site-wide secure firmware deployment and configuration
  • Configuration management with template support
  • Built-in firmware repository
  • IoT Apps Store interface for secure firmware download
  • Available for Windows or Mac PCs
  • Free evaluation provided with development kit
Mbarx Secure IoT – Virtual Control Panel Tool
  • Development tool for evaluation and experimentation with Mbarx ASD protocol
  • Supports secure TCP/IP socket connection with Mbarx IoT device
  • Enables GUI driven event handling and operation
  • Built-in “Call Home” server for end-point originated connections
  • Optionally available as Python / QT based source code reference package
  • Free evaluation provided with development kit
voip development kit
uCMK64-IoT/VoIP Development Kit
  • uCMK64-IoT Module – hardware
  • Module hostbaord – hardware
  • AC100 headset with microphone
  • Cables and power supply
  • 1 year of dedicated support site access
  • 1 year of installation support and maintenance
  • Getting Started Guide (download)
  • Documentation (download)
  • Integration schematics (download)
  • Mbarx-System Manager (Win/Mac eval) – site wide maintenance and monitoring tool (download)
  • Mbarx-Virtual Control Panel (Win) – reference implementation (download)
  • How-to’s, example code and tutorials (download)
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