VoIP and IP Audio Platform

uCMK60 VoIP Module

The uCMK60-VoIP is a MCU (microcontroller) based solution for hardened VoIP, IP audio distribution or PA paging applications. The hardware uses a 120MHz NXP Kinetis K60 MCU, with ARM Cortex M4 core that supports all runtime code with no requirement for external memories.

The system supports narrow or wide-band voice communication using VoIP (SIP) or multicast paging and includes specialized audio intelligibility and psychoacoustic functions necessary to support high-fidelity, duplex intercom and speakerphone applications.

The platform can be operated by using I/O controls or a simple host protocol that runs over a dedicated UART or socket connection. The system is compatible with the Mbarx ecosystem of tools and gateways, including the Mbarx System Manager tool for site-wide configuration and firmware management.

With the uCMK60 there is no costly NRE, complex BSP to install or expensive tools to buy.

The uCMK60-VoIP is available in the following ways:

  • Development Kit – for evaluation and prototype using the System Solutions Board
  • System Solutions Board – complete board with PoE, Class-D Amp and I/O isolation
  • Module – 60x60mm, 120Pin module with MCU, network and audio subsystem
  • NXP Kinetis K60 MCU – for custom hardware designs
  • 802.11bgn Wi-Fi – using daughtercard accessory pack

A complete suite of services and engagement packages are available to support design, development, customization, system-level integration, support and training.

Daughter Card Accessory Pack for 802.11bgn Wi-Fi and I/O Expansion

Optional Daughtercard Accessory Pack for the uCMK60-VoIP Development Kit – Contains 802.11bgn Wireless (using GT202 module) and I/O Daughtercards. demo video»

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parametric table

    Platform Overview

    System Solutions Board and Development Kit
    • 120MHz NXP Kinetis ARM® Cortex M4 Core Microcontroller (MCU)
    • 1Mbyte Flash / 128Kbyte SRAM internal to MCU
    • Audio subsystem with intelligibility and psychoacoustic enhancements
    • VoIP/Intercom (PIP) and PA paging / IP Audio Distribution (PAS) MCU Firmware
    • Integrated Mbarx protocol support for control, supervision and operation
    • Dedicated I/O controls for easy integration
    • SDcard Slot, RJ45, DB9 Serial, 3.5mm stereo audio connectors, speaker connectors, expansion headers
    • RTC (realtime clock) with battery back up
    • Class-D audio amplifier (up to 15W)
    • 802.3af PoE PD (Powered Device) or 12VDC supply
    • Fast boot (~7 seconds) suitable for “wake-up” applications
    • Watchdog controller
    • Parts rated for operation in environments -40 to +85oC
    Analog Audio Interface
    • 16-bit PCM with 8KHz, 16KHz sample rates
    • Dedicated hardware audio subsystem ASIC
    • Headphones Out – Mono, 1.25 Vrms (3.5Vp-p) 16-32Ω
    • Powered speaker out (class-D) @ 12VDC – Mono, 4/8Ω 15W (max)
    • Powered speaker out (class-D) @ 802.3af – Mono, 4/8Ω 4.7W (max)
    • Line out – 1.0 Vrms (2.8Vp-p) @ >10kΩ
    • Line input – 1.0 Vrms (2.8Vp-p) @ 5-15kΩ
    • Mic input – adjustable bias and gain 2.6Vdc 5-15 kΩ
    Network, Connectivity and Peripherals
    • 10/100BaseT Ethernet network with auto MDX
    • IEEE1588 compatible network transceiver
    • Network link / activity LED
    • RS232 serial console (optional TTL or RS485)
    • SDHC, USB, CAN, SPI, SAI(SSI), I2C, eMMC, Analog
    Special Signals and I/O
    • Dedicated input signals for operation
    • Dedicated output signal for event/status notification
    • Up to 8 contact closure pairs with optical isolation
    • Up to 8 loop closure detectors with TVS
    • Up to 36 additional I/O signals
    • Reset and restore buttons
    • Power and network status LEDs
    • Additional connectivity options via expansion headers
uCMK60-VoIP Application Diagram
  • Intercoms
  • PA systems
  • Apartment entrance door phones
  • Building access control
  • Two-way voice security systems
  • Mass notification and public safety
  • Dedicated PBX PA paging adapters
  • Specialized telephone handsets
  • Radio over IP (RoIP) backhaul
  • Wi-Fi headsets and beltpacks
  • Wi-Fi walkie-talkies
  • Patient care and nurse call
  • Live presentation and conference systems
  • Transit passenger communications
  • Transit wayside/vehicle communications
  • Background music
  • Point-of-sale advertising and support
Block Diagram

Software Overview

Base System
  • All program and middleware code internal to MCU
  • DHCP client or static network configuration
  • SNTP – network time
  • Rsyslog – remote system logging
  • MDNS – device discovery and service announcement
  • Mbarx – protocol for operation and management
  • No BSP or MCU firmware development required
VoIP and Intercom Firmware – PIP Mode
  • SIP/RTP VoIP stack
  • Full duplex, low latency voice communication
  • SIP infrastructure and P2P modes
  • Call originate / call receive, caller-ID
  • Call hold and retrieve, call transfer
  • G.711ulaw, G.711alaw, G.722 (wide band) vocoders
  • Dedicated inputs/outputs for autonomous operation
  • Supervision and controlled operation via Mbarx protocol
  • Audio Intelligibility / Psychoacoustics – PIP Mode
  • Hardware AEC – Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • ACG – Auto Gain Control
  • Noise reduction
  • Microphone beam forming (optional)
  • Configurable call progress announcements
Multicast Audio Paging Firmware (MCPG) – PAS Mode
  • Multicast audio paging receiver mode
  • Audio distribution of one source-to-many listeners
  • Late arrival and “stuck mic” protection
  • Last-in-wins arbitration and automatic keep alive
  • Definable command packet port/address
  • Co-existence with other SIP elements
  • Dedicated inputs/outputs for operation
  • Linux library available to support MCPG transmit source
  • VoIP-to-MCPG rebroadcaster (transmit source) available
Mbarx – IoT for Operation and Management
  • Mbarx combines; device discovery, operational control, configuration management
  • Multicast service discovery broadcast to find devices on the network
  • Point-to-point TCP/IP socket protocol for operational control and management
  • Protocol transmits events, receives control commands
  • Supports call control, I/O operation and system events
  • Autonomous, supervised and controlled operating modes
  • Supported by all firmware loads
  • Virtual Control Panel tool to help during development
  • Compatible with Mbarx-Operations Controller IoT gateway stack
  • Compatible with Mbarx-Site Controller IoT gateway stack
Mbarx – Maintenance and Configuration Management Tools
  • Mbarx System Manager available for (Windows® or Mac®)
  • Site-wide capability for configuration management, firmware deployment
  • Simple GUI and click through work flow
  • Free eval version provided with development kit
voip development kit
uCMK60-VoIP Development Kit
  • uCMK60-VoIP System Solutions Board – hardware
  • AC100 headset with microphone
  • Cables and power supply
  • 1 year of dedicated support site access
  • 1 year of installation support and maintenance
  • Getting Started Guide (download)
  • Documentation (download)
  • Integration schematics (download)
  • Mbarx-System Manager (Win/Mac eval) – site wide maintnence and configuration management tool (download)
  • Mbarx-Virtual Control Panel (Win) tool (download)
  • How-to’s, example code and tutorials (download)
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