Voice, Sensor and IoT Gateways


The uCLS1012A is a System-On-Module (SoM) that uses a 64-bit NXP QorIQ® LS1012A communications processor. The CPU features an an Arm® Cortex®-A53 core operating at 800MHz and offers hardware acceleration for packet processing and security. In addition to the CPU, the module supports concurrent BLE and Thread® wireless networking, audio and additional peripheral expansion. The module is ideal for applications that require a combination of CPU performance, high-speed networking, data storage and retrieval; including sensor gateways, communication hubs and secure edge devices.

The 82x50mm uCLS1012A module implements the LS1012A CPU, SPI NOR flash, DDR3-SDRAM, 2x 1Gb Ethernet, PCIe, USB 3.0, SDHC, SATA, I2C, SPI, UART, reset and power management functions. Additional on-board controllers support concurrent BLE (PAN) and Thread (6LoWPAN) 802.15.4 wireless operation, wide-band voice communication and peripheral expansion for general purpose I/O, serial or parallel connectivity. The module integrates using a 314-pin SMARC compatible edge connector and requires minimal external circuity for basic applications.

The uCLS1012A is supported by a software ecosystem including; award winning Voice, video and Management middleware, Mbarx Secure IoT solutions and a Linux BSP.

The uCLS1012A is available in the following ways:

  • Development Kit – for evaluation with Linux BSP, board-level drivers, demo middleware, installation support
  • Application Solution Kit – software development kits for compile-time integration with middleware or Mbarx solutions
  • System Solutions – turn-key engineering engagements for equipment manufacturers

A complete suite of services and engagement packages are available to support design, development, customization and system-level integration.

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    Platform Overview

    CPU Complex
    • 800MHz NXP QorIQ LS1012A CPU
    • 64-bit Armv8, Cortex-A53 core
    • NEON Co-processor and DP FPU
    • 256 KB L2 cache with ECC
    • 1Gbyte DDR3-SDRAM (up to 128Gbyte)
    • 64Mbyte Quad SPI NOR flash (up to 128Mbyte)
    • up to 32Gbyte eMMC Flash (optional)
    CPU Peripherals
    • 2x 1Gb Ethernet (PHYs on module)
    • PCI Express Gen2
    • SATA Gen3
    • USB 3.0 w/PHY
    • SD 3.0/SDIO/eMMC
    • SPI, UART, I2C, I2S/SAI
    • Additional 2xUART(Tx/Rx), UART with RTS/CTS flow control*
    • Additional 1xI2S**
    • *module configuration without LPC54113 connected **module configuration without CX20703 connected
    Peripheral Controller (optional)
    • NXP LPC54113 microcontroller
    • Up to 48 GPIO
    • Up to 8 UARTS with RTS/CTS flow control*
    • Up to 8 SPI*
    • Up to 8 I2C*
    • *configuration selectable in software / maximum of 8 total
    Wireless Peripheral Controller (optional)
    • NXP Kinetis KW41Z microcontroller
    • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC/PHY
    • Integrated multiprotocol 2.4GHz radio
    • Thread (6LoWPAN), IEEE 802.15.4 MAC/PHY
    • BlueTooth® Low Energy (BLE) v4.2
    • Concurrent Thread and BLE operation
    • Optional FSK and SMAC modes
    • Ceramic or external antenna options
    • 5x ADC, SPI, I2C, 5x GPIO
    Audio Subsystem (optional)
    • Audio subsystem with DSP
    • 16-bit PCM with 8KHz (narrow-band) or 16KHz (wide-band) sample rates
    • Audio intelligibility enhancements (AEC, noise reduction, optional dynamic range control and beam forming)
    • 2x differential pair (balanced) line-level inputs
    • 2x differential pair (balanced) line-level outputs
    • Digital microphone input
    • Optional digital I2S output
    • Left and right analog microphone inputs (with or without bias)
    • Adjustable microphone bias and gain 2.6Vdc 5-15 kΩ
    • Low-power mono class-D amplifier (up to 1 W RMS) and speaker output
    Connectivity and Physical
    • 315-pin SMARC
    • 82x50mm
    • 3.3 VDC power input
    • -40 to +105°C operating range (TJ)
uCMK64-IoT Application Diagram
  • Apartment building access control
  • Door entry control systems
  • Video doorbell systems
  • Building systems security and notification
  • Patient monitoring and nurse call
  • In-home healthcare and assisted living
  • Intercoms, PA, mass-notification systems
  • Passenger and vehicle communications systems
  • Voice communications controllers and PBXs
  • IoT Gateways for edge access and services
  • IoT Gateways for workflow control
Block Diagram

BSP Software

A Linux BSP and installation support is included with the development kit.

Base System Version (or newer)
  • Linux AARCH64 kernel version 4.1.35 (or newer)
  • U-Boot – 2016.01 (or newer)
  • GCC 6.4.1 (or newer)
  • GNU binutils 2.27.0 (or newer)
  • Libc: glibc 2.23 (or newer)
  • Drivers for I2C, PCIe, Power Management, SDHC, SEC, SPI, USB, TSEC/FEC, Watchdog


Arcturus middleware helps to reduce development time by providing tested, verified and supported subsystems for voice, video, configuration and management. Demo middleware is included with the development kit and is suitable for use in most applications by simply using configuration. An Application Solutions Kit is available for compile-time integration and custom application development by using middleware APIs. Documentation and support is provided directly by Arcturus. For a complete list of available features refer to Voice and Management middleware.

Voice and Media Middleware
  • SIP/RTP, sRTP, SIP-TLS, SIPS signaling stack
  • SIP infrastructure and P2P modes
  • Call originate, call receive, caller-ID
  • Call hold, retrieve, transfer
  • G.711ulaw, G.711alaw, G.722 (wide band) speech codecs
  • Audio intelligibility and psychoacoustic enhancements (AEC, noise reduction)
  • Multicast PA paging mode
  • Fileplay framework
  • Field proven call flow compatibility
  • Command line interface with simple control protocol
  • WebUI or Mbarx configuration
Video Middleware
  • UVC compatible camera controller
  • H.264 or mJPEG compatible
  • Up to 1080p with 30fps
  • Http stream service compatible with web browsers and apps
Management Middleware
  • Secure webUI for configuration and management
  • Firmware management
  • Remote provisioning

Mbarx Secure IoT

Mbarx consists of endpoints, tools and gateways that work together to form a secure chain-of-trust architecture for connected systems. Mbarx end-point stack provides device discovery and secure connectivity services for configuration, management and control. The desktop Mbarx System Manager tool provides simple click-through work-flow to easily manage many devices at local or remote sites. The development kit includes both Mbarx end-point software (preloaded) and Mbarx System Manager tool for evaluation. An environment is available to evaluate how easy it is to securely connect and manage remote sites using Mbarx Site Controller gateways. For a complete list of available features refer to Mbarx Secure IoT.

Mbarx Endpoint Stack
  • Secure configuration, firmware management and operational control
  • Mbarx device discovery service
  • Mbarx secure protocol service for configuration and control
Mbarx System Manager Tool
  • Site-wide management, configuration and firmware update tool
  • Configuration template and deployment management
  • Built-in firmware repository
  • Firmware store interface for secure firmware download
  • Auto-upgrade server for Mbarx endpoints
  • Secure remote site connectivity using Mbarx Site Controller gateways
  • Available for Windows or Mac PCs
  • Free evaluation with development kit
Virtual Control Panel Tool
  • Development tool for evaluation and experimentation with Mbarx ASD protocol
  • Supports secure TCP/IP socket connection with Mbarx endpoint
  • Enables GUI driven event handling and operation
  • Built-in connection server for end-point originated “call home” connections
  • Optionally available as Python / QT based source code reference package
  • Free evaluation provided with development kit
Mbarx Gateways
  • Mbarx Operations controller for interactive workflow systems
  • Mbarx Site Controller for secure connectivity to remote sites
uCLS1012A Development Kit
uCLS1012A Development Kit
  • uCLS1012A Module – hardware
  • Module hostbaord – hardware
  • Cables and power supply
  • 1 year of dedicated support site access
  • 1 year of installation support and maintenance
  • Getting Started Guide (download)
  • Documentation (download)
  • Integration schematics (download)
  • Mbarx-System Manager (Win/Mac eval) – site wide maintenance and monitoring tool (download)
  • Mbarx-Virtual Control Panel (Win/Mac) – reference implementation (download)
  • How-to’s, example code and tutorials (download)
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