embedded voice module


The uC53281EVM module is a hardware platform designed to help developers enable high-quality SIP based VoIP products without having to become media, audio and signaling experts. The software package for the module (available with the kit) features a complete VoIP and Management Middleware system and an open source uClinux BSP. The module integrates into end product by using a simple 50 pin connector and includes all necessary subsystems to support full duplex audio, network, I/O and serial connections with minimal external circuitry.

The kit provides all the necessary tools to:

  • Evaluate the capabilities of the hardware and software.
  • Act as a prototype system to develop application implementations.
  • Act as a reference to help implement MCF53281 VoIP processor designs.

In addition, Arcturus offers a complete suite of services including; customization, application development, product development, support and training.

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parametric table

Core Processor
  • MCF53281 NXP ColdFire® Microprocessor
    • 240MHz V3 ColdFire Core
    • 16 KByte I/D-Cache
    • 32 KByte SRAM
    • eMAC – Enhanced Hardware Multiple Accumulate for DSP
  • Processor Peripherals
    • USB Host
    • CAN 2.0 Bus
    • Serial UARTS
    • I2C – Two-wire Peripheral Interface
    • QSPI (Queued SPI) – Serial Peripheral Interface
    • SSI – High Speed Serial interface
    • SVGA LCD Display Controller
    • FEC – Fast Ethernet Controller
    • 4-channel 32-bit timer
    • 4-channel PWM timer
    • GPIO
System Memory
  • 32MByte NOR Flash
  • 64MByte DDR-SDRAM
Audio Processing
  • LM4931 16KHz Sample Rate with Mic/Speaker
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Auto MDI/MDX PHY
  • PoE Compatible
Other Features
  • Reset Controller
  • RS232 Transceiver
  • CAN Transceiver
  • LCD Interface May Alternately be Used as Additional 30 I/O
Other Specifications
  • Temperature range -40 to +85°C
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FCC Compliant
uC53281EVM Application Diagram
  • Intercom Systems
  • Door Phones
  • Screen Phones
  • Service Kiosks
  • Fast-Food Ordering Systems
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Equipment Support
  • Alarm Panels
  • Elevator Panels
  • Emergency Stations/Phones
Block Diagram

Software Includes

  • uClinux OS (2.6) with Optimized Userland Application Package
  • Voice and Media Middleware System (see below)
  • Voice Processing Subsystem with Vocoders
  • Management Middleware System (see below)
  • Drivers, Example Code, Example Middleware Implementations

Voice and Media Middleware

General Overview
  • Certified SIP Signaling Stack
  • Feature Rich Telephony Application
  • Run-time Configurable Signaling Abstraction Layer
  • Complete Audio Subsystem with VoCoders
  • Digitmap and Config Files
  • Demo Applications
  • Integrated with Management Middleware
  • Basic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Tool
  • Play / Record Announcement Files
  • Compatible with Various PC based SIP Servers, Open Source PBX
    and Superclass Softswitch Call Flow Implementations
  • Simple Command Line API
Telephony Features
  • Push-to-call, Click-to-Call, Intercom, Dial,
    Play Announcement and Broadcast Modes
  • Configurable voCoder Preferences
  • Caller-ID, Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting
  • Unattended/Attended Call Transfers
  • Hotline, Speed dials
  • Call Blocking Rules
  • Auto Call Back on Busy
  • Do Not Disturb
  • MeetME Conferencing
  • Anonymous Calling / Call Rejection
  • Call Hold and Retrieve, Held Call Ringback
  • IVR – Announce IP address / Call Return
Broadcast and Mass Notification Module
  • Multicast One-to-Many RTP?Support
  • Up to 99 Configurable Broadcast Groups
  • Configurable permissions per group
  • Definable Command Packet port/address
  • Definable Caller-ID and Caller Name
  • Definable Broadcast Priorities
  • Definable voCoder Payload
  • Definable Answer Settings
  • Configurable Alert Tone Generation
  • Keep Alive, Late Arrival and Termination
  • Config file for Advanced Settings
  • Coexistence with other SIP Elements
Voice Processing Subsystem
  • G.711a, G.711u, G.726-32, G721-RFC3551, iLBC, G.722
  • AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceller)
  • DTMF Detect and Generate
  • Call Progress Tones
  • DTMF Detect and Generate
  • Call Progress Tones
API Module
  • Simple Command Based Control
  • Volume and Gain Controls
  • Call Progress Messages
  • Call ID messages
  • Status Queries and Messages
  • Reference Application for Easy Integration

Management Middleware

General Overview
  • Core Middleware Engine
  • Management Database System
  • API, Tools and Software Modules
Bootloader Module
  • Flash Support, Partitioning, Wear Leveling
  • Persistent Object and Database Support
  • Firmware Failover Framework
  • Definable Serial Port and Boot Parameters
  • Command Shell
  • TFTP Server
  • Kernel API
WebUI Module
  • SSL v2/v3 enabled webserver (https)
  • Login Authentication
  • Post-parsing CGI Support
  • Auto Log Out on Idle
  • Deny Simultaneous Users
  • Auto Redirect to Secure Port
  • Complete HTML Web Pages
  • Wizards, Tools, Firmware Upload, Diagnostic Capture
Remote Provisioning Module
  • End-point Initiated Remote Management
  • Https Transport
  • SSL v2/v3 Cryptography Support
  • Host Webserver Authentication
  • Simple Script Configuration File
  • Automated with CRON Process
  • Configurable with Unique Credentials
  • Compatible with Dynamic Webservers
Tools and OS
  • uClinux 2.6.21
  • uClibc
  • GNU Tools (GCC / GDB)
  • BDM for GDB
  • GDB Server
Application and Utils
  • Shell
  • Telnet Server
  • webserver
  • Networking Apps
  • Microwindows/NanoX for LCD GUI Applications
  • Test and Demo Programs
development kit
  • uC53281EVM Module (uC53281-32E64UVC240-XR)
  • Host Board with GPIO and Connectors
  • Video Daughter Card
  • Cable Kit
  • Headset with Mic
  • Power Supply
  • Schematic
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Support Site Access
  • Installation Support
  • Full Software Distribution (download)
Add-on Daughter Cards
LCD to VGA Scan Converter
  • Door Entrance Systems
  • Point of Purchase
  • Self Service Kiosks
SLIC FXS (optional – contact sales for info.)
  • Intercom Systems
  • Elevators / Building Systems
  • Emergency Phones / Fire Phones
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