Intercom and Audio Paging Platform


The uCIOCOM is an installation-ready, board-level platform for IP voice and distributed audio communication including VoIP, intercoms, PA paging and mass notification. The system includes a host control protocol for integration and is compatible with the Mbarx ecosystem of tools and gateways for configuration and firmware management.

The device accepts PoE or 12VDC supply and supports amplified audio output of up to 5W (using PoE) and up to 15W using supply voltage. The board has isolated contacts and loop closures for connectivity to push-buttons, indicators, door controllers or other equipment.

The hardware supports an audio subsystem capable of supporting intelligibility and psychoacoustic enhancements including Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC), Auto Gain Control (AGC), noise reduction and ambient noise compensation.

The uCIOCOM is available as part of a System Solutions engagement, packaged with development hardware, direct support, software customization and Mbarx reference code for host integration. System Solutions engagements help accelerate the creation of specialized voice communications products in buildings, transportation or healthcare environments, including access control, rescue assistance, nurse call and mass notification.

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    Basic Features

    • VoIP telephony using SIP and RTP
    • Peer-to-peer or SIP server infrastructure modes
    • Full Duplex (two-way voice) Calling
    • Multicast PA Audio Paging (one way)
    • G.711 (toll quality) and optional G.722 wide band
    • Eavesdropping mode with remote mic/speaker toggle
    • In call operation of volume/gain settings by remote
    • Configurable gain controls
    • Internal class-D amplifier
    • Configurable voice progress announcements
    • Support for various microphone types
    • DTMF detection via In band or RFC2833
    • DSCP settings for SIP and RTP
    Intercom Panel Mode
    • Device acts like intercom (auto-answer/hangup)
    • Power Speaker Output
    • PA and Intercom co-existence
    PA Paging Receiver Mode (MCPG Rx)
    • Listens for and plays multicast audio streams
    • Subscribes to up to 100 groups
    • Last-in wins support
    • Robust PA implementation using keep alive messages
    • “Stuck mic” protection
    • Transient network protection (pick up and drop)
    • Pick up on broadcast in progress
    Mulitcast PA Rebroadcaster Mode (MCPG Tx)
    • Registers as normal SIP client
    • Auto-answers incoming VoIP calls
    • Re-transmits VoIP call as MCPG Tx
    • Plays audible chime for user

    Advanced Features

    Audio Enhancements
    • High performance hardware AEC with up to 120mS tail length
    • Fast-rate convergence and adaptation
    • Multiband independent NLP
    • Multiband EQ
    • Background noise reduction
    • Automatic ambient noise compensation
    Service Failure, Quality and Reporting
    • Loss of telephony registration reporting
    • Configurable network monitoring tests and reporting
    • Analog audio self-test and reporting
    • Analog audio (mic/speaker) test mode for installers
    • Call quality (RTCP) packet loss and jitter reporting
    • Call quality termination thresholds
    • Failover SIP server support
    • Automatic failover operation with call re-Invite
    • Failover to peer-to-peer
    • Call duration and connect trying timers
    • System log and remote logging
    • DHCP or static network configuration
    • HTTPS web user interface
    • Remote configuration via HTTPS file
    • Save/Load configuration file
    • Mbarx – Device Discovery
    • Mbarx – System Manager Support for Maintenance/Administration and firmware upgrades
    • Mbarx – Virtualization Agent and Protocol for Supervision/Operation

    External Connections

    • 10/100 Ethernet with MDX/MDO support
    • Microphone in (non-bias)
    • Microphone in (with bias)
    • Line in
    • Line out
    • Speaker out
    • Power
    • up to 16 Opto-Iso I/O
    • Debug connections
    • RS232 serial console (optional) and Telnet
uC-IOCOM Application Diagram
  • Apartment Entrance Door Phones
  • Mass Notification and Public Safety
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Building Access Control
  • School PA systems
  • Patient Monitoring and Nurse Call
  • Live Presentation Systems
  • In-Home Healthcare Monitoring
  • Background Music and Audio Distribution
  • Mass Transit and Airport Communications
  • Surveillance / Monitoring, Voice Recorders
  • Point of Sale Advertising and Support
Block Diagram

Software Overview


Telephony Features
  • Full duplex SIP / RTP based VoIP
  • Fully automatic or supervised intercom modes
  • G.711a, G.711u, G.726, G.729, G.721, G.722 wide band
  • AEC/Dedicated Hardware AEC
  • Primary and failover server support
  • Full peer-to-peer coexistence
Prerecorded Announcements
  • Built-in framework for file play and sequencing
  • Support for call progress message announcements
  • Native format voCoder transcoding tool
  • Uploadable (dynamic) audio files
Mass Notification and Paging
  • Fully automatic or supervised multicast paging receiver
  • Standalone Multicast paging broadcaster
  • Automatic SIP paging rebroadcaster mode
  • 99 unique paging groups per multicast address
  • Extensible muticast addresses and ports
  • Dynamic and ad-hoc page group creation
  • Built in auto-disconnect, reconnect
  • Last-in in wins arbitration
  • Built in facilities for priorities, alert tones
  • Firmware management Framework
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Firmware failover framework
  • Definable Serial Port and Boot Parameters
  • Low-level device recovery
Reporting and Supervision
  • Remote logging of system activities
  • Active network failure detection
  • Event and alarm reporting
  • Loss of server detection, reporting and failover
  • Analog component acoustic quality testing and reporting
  • Call quality detection, reporting and countermeasures
  • Full watchdog subsystem with application protection
  • Hardware watchdog
WebUI Module
  • Web User Interface for Configuration
  • HTTP server with TLS (HTTPs)
  • Login Authentication
  • Auto Log Out and Deny Simultaneous Users
Remote Provisioning
  • Automatic file-based remote management
  • HTTP file based with TLS (HTTPs)
  • Compatible with standard webserver
  • Simple script configuration file
  • Configurable with unique authentication credentials
  • Post-parsed compatibility with dynamic webservers
Discovery and Association
  • MDNS device and service discovery
  • Broadcasts unique device credentials and configurable names
  • Firmware service names and mode
  • Compatible with any BonjourTM enabled web browser
  • Compatible with device virtualiztion and mobile tools
Other Services
  • DHCP, NTP, DNS, ARP, Telnet
  • Basic voice response tool for setup
  • Persistent objects and factory settings
  • TFTP device recovery
Remote Operation
  • I/O control interface
  • Dedicated signals for supervision via PLC or I/O block
  • Dedicated signals for stand alone operation using dry contacts
  • Device virtualization for remote operation via network
External Device Connectivity
  • I/O interface for dry contact controls
  • Optional peripheral interfaces for sensors
  • Optional IEEE1588 physical layer time synchronization


Intelligibility Tools
  • Automatic ambient noise detection and compensation
  • Tests for acoustic performance of analog components
  • Quality monitoring of network, voice data, latency, loss
  • Countermeasures for server availability and low quality
  • Framework for prerecorded announcements
Mbarx-Operations Controller (Operation and Workflow)
  • Virtualization service for remote operation and supervision
  • Integration with external devices including IP cameras
  • Support for Windows®, Mac®, Linux®
  • Support for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®
  • HTML5 presentation layer for broad compatibility with fixed and mobile clients
Mbarx-System Manager (Site-wide Management Tool)
  • System wide firmware deployment
  • Centralized configuration management
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux
Additional Packages and Options
  • Middleware SDK, APIs and Frameworks
  • A rich portfolio of IP building blocks
  • Advanced audio processing algorithms and tools
  • Full suite of services, support and customization options
development kit
uCIOCOM-VoIP Development Kit
  • uCIOCOM Board Hardware
  • Cables and Power Supply
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 1 year of Access to Dedicated Support Site
  • 1 year of Installation Support and Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Schematics
  • How-to’s, Example Code and Tutorials
  • Evaluation Version of Mbarx-System Manager Tool (for configuration and firmware management)
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