Industrial Gateway and Communications Module

NXP QorIQ P1020 Module

The uCP1020 is a compact SOM (System On Module) designed for digital networking applications that require a combination of CPU performance, high-throughput data processing and rugged operation.

The module uses an 800MHz dual-core NXPTM P1020 PowerTM architecture communications processor. The system features up to 2x 1Gbit Ethernet interfaces and 2x PCIe lanes for additional data-intensive communications peripherals such as Wi-Fi or LTE. The module integrates into end product by using a 120 pin connector and supports all necessary sub-systems on-board, it uses industrial rated parts and requires no active cooling.

Demos of Arcturus Management Middleware and Mbarx Secure IoT Site Controller are bundled with the development kit along with access to an open source Linux BSP. The system is compatible with the Mbarx ecosystem of endpoints, tools and gateways, including the Mbarx System Manager tool for site-wide configuration and firmware management.

A complete development kit is available that provides all the necessary tools to:

  • Evaluate the capabilities of the uCP1020 module and Linux OS.
  • Evaluate Arcturus middleware and other application stacks.
  • Act as a development system to create rugged, high-performance communication applications.
  • Act as an off-the-shelf module component, qualified for production use.

A complete suite of services and engagement packages are available to support design, development, customization, system-level integration, support and training.

Application Stacks

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parametric table

    Platform Overview

    Core Processor and Memory
    • NXP QorIQ P1020 dual-core processor (optional P2020 or P1010)
    • 2x 800MHz e500 v2 Power architecture cores
    • 512MByte DDR3-SDRAM (optional 512MByte-4GByte) with ECC (Error Correction)
    • 64MByte NOR Flash (optional 8-128MByte)
    • 1MByte SPI flash (optional)
    • Optional 4-32GByte eMMC Flash
    Network, Connectivity and Peripherals
    • 2x eTSEC 10,100,1000 Ethernet
    • IEEE-1588 Network Time Synchronization
    • Up to 2x PCIe 1.0 (two lanes)
    • PCIe/mPCIe based Wi-Fi connectivity as tested using Atheros AR9390
    • PCIe/mPCIe based 3G connectivity as tested using Telit HE910 family (HEPCHGPS204T701)
    • Up to 2x SERDES
    • Up to 2x UARTs with CTS/RTS flow control
    • SPI with up to 3x chip selects
    • USB – Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Host Interface
    • eSDHC – Enhanced Secure Digital Host Controller (SDcard/MMC)
    • I2C Peripheral Interface
    • Up to 9x GPIO
    • Up to 3x IRQ inputs and 1x IRQ output
    uCP1020 Module Hostboard
    • Complete reference design for module implementation
    • Power supply, network terminations and connectors
    • Debug terminations, LEDs and reset
    • Passive cooling thermal implementation reference
    uCP1020 Physical and Ratings
    • +3.3VDC ± 5%, 5W max (TBR)
    • Parts rating -40°C to +85°C
    • Board-to-Board mating using 120-pin Samtec connector QSH-060-01-S-D-A
uCP1020 Application Diagram
IoT Gateways
  • IoT/M2M gateway, protocol proxy and connectivity agent
  • Site-wide data acquisition, telemetry and data transport
  • Secure remote site access controller and end-point manager
  • Wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data gateway
Industrial Communication Infrastructure
  • Building communications controller/PBX
  • Public transportation vehicle communications controller
  • Nurse call system central controller
  • Security/public safety PA system controller
Connectivity and Access
  • WiFi AP mode and network services, firewall
  • Remote site VPN
  • Public WiFi hotspots
  • Network isolation, QoS and traffic shaping
  • Wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data gateway
Block Diagram

Software Overview

Base System
  • Linux kernel version 4.1.25 (or newer)
  • U-Boot – 2016.09 (or newer)
  • GCC 4.9.3
  • GNU binutils 2.24
  • Libc: uclibc-ng-1.0.11
  • Virtualization: KVM,LXC, libvirt (Hypervisor)
  • Integrated Application Specific Fast (ASF) Path enhancements
  • Drivers for I2C, IEEE1588, PCIe, Power Management, SDHC, SEC, SPI, TDM, USB, TSEC/FEC, Watchdog
Arcturus Management Middleware
  • Configuration system, API and database objects
  • WebUI configuration and firmware management
  • Remote provisioning
  • Syslog and remote logging
  • System tools (integrated watchdog, factory reset etc)
Optional Arcturus VoIP PBX Software
  • Asterisk® PBX implementation
  • FreePBXTM GUI management interface
Mbarx Secure IoT – Maintenance and Configuration Tools
  • Mbarx System Manager Utility for site-wide maintenance and monitoring (Windows® or Mac®)
  • Supports system wide firmware deployment and configuration
  • Supports system wide configuration templates
  • Free eval version provided with development kit
uCP1020 Development Kit using NXP QorIQ P1020 Processor
uCP1020 Development Kit
  • uCP1020 Module (uCP1020-64EE512-800-0U1-XR)
  • Module with Linux and Arcturus Middleware Pre-installed
  • uCP1020 Module hostboard
  • Cables and power supply
  • Software distribution including Linux and Middleware (download)
  • Integration schematics (download)
  • Getting Started Guide (download)
  • Documentation (download)
  • How-to’s, example code and tutorials (download)
  • Mbarx-System Manager site-wide management tool (Win/Mac eval. download)
  • One year of dedicated support site access
  • One year of installation support and maintenance
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