embedded media module

uCBF54x Blackfin Module

The uCBF54x is a SOM (System On Module) for specialized audio applications that require multichannel voice communication.

The module uses a 533MHz Blackfin DSP CPU that supports 3 audio codecs with up to 6 channels of simultaneous, full-duplex audio. Each channel supports a unique VoIP middleware instance making it possible to provide various concurrent voice services including VoIP, PA and announcement playback. The mulitchannel nature and flexibility of the middleware makes the system suitable for RoIP (Radio Over IP) back-haul applications, PA zoning systems, CPE or entry-level PBX equipment with analog termination.

Management and Voice Middleware demos are bundled with the development kit along with access to an open source uClinux BSP. The device integrates into end product by using a 200 pin soDIMM edge connector and includes all necessary subsystems, requiring only minimal external circuitry.

The kit and module provides all the necessary tools to:

  • Evaluate the capabilities of the hardware and software.
  • Act as a prototype system to prove application implementations.
  • Act as a off-the-shelf component, prequalified for production use.

In addition, Arcturus offers a complete suite of services including; customization, application development, product development, support and training.

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parametric table

    Core Processor
    • Analog Devices ADSP-BF548 Blackfin® Processor
      • 533MHz BF54x
      • 324KBytes internal processor cache and SRAM
    • Processor Peripherals
      • USB Host/Device
      • SDIO – Secure Digital Controller
      • ATAPI – Parallel ATA Interface
      • SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface
      • TWI – compatible with I2C devices
      • 4 SPORTs (max) – Synchronous Serial Interface
      • 3 EPPI (max) – Parallel Interfaces
      • 1 LCD (EPPI0) – Capable of Supporting Video
      • 4 Serial UARTS (max)
      • CAN Bus
      • RTC – Real Time Clock / Counter
      • Timers / Counters
      • Keypad Interface
      • Configurable GPIO
      • Lockbox® Secure System
    System Memory
    • 32MByte NOR Flash
    • 64MByte DDR-SDRAM
    Audio Processing
    • 3 Analog Devices SSM2603 (max) – Audio Subsystem Codecs
    • Single Headset or Dual Channel Mode Per Codec
    • Up to 6 audio inputs
    • Up to 6 audio outputs
    • Up to 3 headsets
    • SMSC® LAN9217 10/100 BaseT MAC/PHY
    • 10/100 Ethernet
    • Auto MDI/MDX
    • Link, State and Activity Indicators
    • MII Access
    • PoE Compatible
    Other Features
    • RS232 Dedicated Serial Port
    • RS232/RS485 Selectable Serial Port
    • Reset Controller
    • CAN Transceiver
    Other Specifications
    • Temperature range -40 to +85°C
    • RoHS Compliant
    • FCC Compliant
    • 200pin soDIMM Edge Connector
    • 2.66 x 2.27 inch
    • Independent Connector for Debug
    • Network MII Output Connector
uCBF54x-EMM Application Diagram
  • Apartment Entrance Door Phones
  • Mass Notification and Public Address
  • Alarm Systems / Access Control
  • Patient Monitoring and Nurse Call
  • In Home Health Care Monitoring
  • Background Music and Hospitality Systems
  • Transit Communications
  • Multi Channel Radio and Radio over IP
  • Media and Infotainment Devices
  • Video Surveillance / Monitoring
  • Point of Sale Advertising and Support
  • Residential / Small Office PBX
Block Diagram

Software Includes

  • uClinux OS (2.6) with Optimized Userland Application Package
  • Voice and Media Middleware System (see below)
  • Voice Processing Subsystem with Vocoders
  • Management Middleware System (see below)
  • Drivers, Example Code, Example Middleware Implementations

Voice and Media Middleware

General Overview
  • Certified SIP Signaling Stack
  • Feature Rich Telephony Application
  • Run-time Configurable Signaling Abstraction Layer
  • Complete Audio Subsystem with VoCoders
  • Digitmap and Config Files
  • Demo Applications
  • Integrated with Management Middleware
  • Basic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Tool
  • Play / Record Announcement Files
  • Compatible with Various PC based SIP Servers, Open Source PBX
    and Superclass Softswitch Call Flow Implementations
  • Simple Command Line API
Telephony Features
  • Push-to-call, Click-to-Call, Intercom, Dial,
    Play Announcement and Broadcast Modes
  • Configurable voCoder Preferences
  • Caller-ID, Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting
  • Unattended/Attended Call Transfers
  • Hotline, Speed dials
  • Call Blocking Rules
  • Auto Call Back on Busy
  • Do Not Disturb
  • MeetME Conferencing
  • Anonymous Calling / Call Rejection
  • Call Hold and Retrieve, Held Call Ringback
  • IVR – Announce IP address / Call Return
Broadcast and Mass Notification Module
  • Multicast One-to-Many RTP?Support
  • Up to 99 Configurable Broadcast Groups
  • Configurable permissions per group
  • Definable Command Packet port/address
  • Definable Caller-ID and Caller Name
  • Definable Broadcast Priorities
  • Definable voCoder Payload
  • Definable Answer Settings
  • Configurable Alert Tone Generation
  • Keep Alive, Late Arrival and Termination
  • Config file for Advanced Settings
  • Coexistence with other SIP Elements
Voice Processing Subsystem
  • G.711a, G.711u
  • DTMF Detect and Generate
  • Call Progress Tones
API Module
  • Simple Command Based Control
  • Volume and Gain Controls
  • Call Progress Messages
  • Call ID messages
  • Status Queries and Messages
  • Reference Application for Easy Integration

Management Middleware

General Overview
  • Core Middleware Engine
  • Management Database System
  • API, Tools and Software Modules
Bootloader Module
  • Flash Support, Partitioning, Wear Leveling
  • Persistent Object and Database Support
  • Firmware Failover Framework
  • Definable Serial Port and Boot Parameters
  • Command Shell
  • TFTP Server
  • Kernel API
WebUI Module
  • SSL v2/v3 enabled webserver (https)
  • Login Authentication
  • Post-parsing CGI Support
  • Auto Log Out on Idle
  • Deny Simultaneous Users
  • Auto Redirect to Secure Port
  • Complete HTML Web Pages
  • Wizards, Tools, Firmware Upload, Diagnostic Capture
Remote Provisioning Module
  • End-point Initiated Remote Management
  • Https Transport
  • SSL v2/v3 Cryptography Support
  • Host Webserver Authentication
  • Simple Script Configuration File
  • Automated with CRON Process
  • Configurable with Unique Credentials
  • Compatible with Dynamic Webservers
Tools and OS
  • uClinux 2.6.26 (or newer)
  • uClibc
  • GNU Tools (GCC / GDB)
  • GDB server
Application and Utils
  • Shell
  • Telnet server
  • webserver
  • Networking Apps
  • Test and Demo programs
development kit
  • uCBF54x Module
    Arcturus Part Number – uCBF548D200 -32E64U3ACMDL533-XR
    Analog Devices Part Number – ADSP-3PARCBF548M01
  • Host Board with GPIO and Connectors
  • Cable Kit
  • Headset with Mic
  • Power Supply
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Support Site Access
  • Installation Support
  • Full software distribution (download)
  • Kit and Modules also available through Digikey® as Part Number ADSP-3PARCBF548E02 and ADSP-3PARCBF548M01
Development Partner
Blackfin - ADI Alliance Associate