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September, 2018



uCMK64-VoIP Platform Combines NXP K64 Arm® Cortex®-M4 Microcontroller with VoIP, Multicast PA Software and Mbarx Secure IoT firmware

TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 – Arcturus Networks Inc. today announced the availability of the uCMK64-VoIP module and development kit. The solution specifically targets two-way, full-duplex voice communication systems such as intercoms, speakerphones, public address (PA) systems, mass notification, IP speakers and Wi-Fi walkie/talkies. The uCMK64-VoIP is a second-generation part, adding additional features and security when compared to the predecessor uCMK60-VoIP module. The uCMK64-VoIP is built using an NXP K64 Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller. The system enables high-reliability, hardened voice communications for mission critical products, allowing developers to focus on their core application without the need to become VoIP signalling or audio processing experts.

The system uses discrete firmware loads to support various modes of operation including Ethernet or Wi-Fi based, full-duplex VoIP using standard SIP signaling and RTP media, or PA capability using multicast audio distribution from one transmitter to many receivers across 100 unique channels. The system supports stored voice progress announcements, various narrow and wide-band audio codecs and audio intelligibility enhancements including AEC and noise reduction.

The uCMK64-VoIP can be operated using a dedicated I/O interface that supports common functions such as push-to-call controls, volume and mute features as well as call progress and alarm status indicators. A dedicated UART interface is available for system integration with a local MCU to support custom applications and interfaces. The included Mbarx Secure IoT endpoint software supports system-level integration via a secure TLS enabled TCP/IP socket for networked or cloud connected host applications. Protocol extensions within the Mbarx endpoint stack enable bi-directional network-to-UART communication between the TCP/IP remote host and the UART connected device. This flexible mix of peripheral and host connectivity simplifies system-level integration for IoT and other supervised workflow systems.

uCMK6x Family Compatibility

The uCMK64-VoIP module is pin compatible with the uCMK60-VoIP module. The two platforms share the same capabilities and firmware operating modes. Users with existing uCMK60-VoIP applications should be able to use the uCMK64-VoIP with little or no modifications to module host board hardware or host control application software.

“When the uCMK6x family was initially launched, it was the world’s first MCU-based VoIP solution. Today we have the next generation, with improved interoperability, security and more features.” said David Steele, director of innovation, Arcturus. “The uCMK64-VoIP combines the connectivity of our Mbarx Secure IoT middleware with the communications experience of our VoIP products, resulting in a powerful voice system that easily and securely integrates into a system architecture.”

uCMK64-VoIP Enhancements

The uCMK64-VoIP provides improved security on the Mbarx Secure IoT socket connection by implementing certificate-based authentication and TLS v1.2 cryptography. This enhancement forms a chain-of-trust architecture across Mbarx endpoints, tools and gateways. This ecosystem provides end-to-end secure control and management of deployed devices regardless of where in the world they are, including configuration, host control and code-signed Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates.

The uCMK64-VoIP features several voice enhancements including improved PA audio fidelity using the G.722 audio codec. A wider array of voice processing and optional codec components including low-bit rate codecs iLBC, G.729A and Dynamic Transmission (DTX) media.

In addition to security and codecs, A number of optional extensions are available including a new subsystem that allows users to upload, store and play custom announcement files. Other features include improved QoS/DSCP compatibility and text-based intercommunication using SIP instant messaging.

Pricing and Availability

Active migration of new customers from uCMK60-VoIP to uCMK64-VoIP is currently underway.

uCMK64-VoIP development kits and modules are currently available and can be ordered from the Arcturus online store. Pricing for the development kit is $495 and includes hardware, firmware, tools, installation support, documentation and access to a dedicated support site.

More Information

Additional information about the uCMK64-VoIP can be obtained from uCMK64-VoIP product landing page.
A product introduction video is available that demonstrates basic capabilities and setup.
Additional information on uCMK60-VoIP can be obtained on the uCMK60-VoIP product landing page.
For more information or to set up a demo, contact Arcturus.

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