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June, 2016



Platform Combines NXP K64 ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller with Mbarx Secure IoT Stack and Eco-System Of Tools and IoT Gateways

TORONTO – JUNE 22, 2016 – Arcturus Networks Inc. today announced the availability of the uCMK64-IoT module and development kit. The system combines a NXP Kinetis K64 ARM® Cortex-M4 microcontroller with Arcturus Mbarx secure IoT end-point firmware. The system supports connectivity options for both 802.11bgn Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet networks, peripheral connectivity and an optional audio subsystem. The platform is built using extended temperature parts and is suitable for a range of industrial IoT applications that require secure communication and operational control, across an un-trusted or public network. The uCMK64-IoT is supported by the Mbarx eco-system of IoT tools and gateways, together these elements form a chain-of-trust architecture to help developers create secure end-to-end IoT systems. This simplified approach allows developers to focus on their core IoT application and spend less time developing or maintaining underpinning IoT elements.

Mbarx End-points

Mbarx end-point nodes combine services for device discovery, pairing and connection origination with a host protocol for control. Host protocol communication is available using a secure TCP/IP socket or local UART connection, extensions are provided to communicate across peripheral interfaces to address I/O, I2C or UART. A full command API is provided along with integration tools to help with development.

Mbarx end-points support industry standard TLS authentication and encryption. Built on top of this secure communication is support for data payload assurance. This additional protection can verify the integrity of critical data payload, confirm code-signing authenticity and cross-check compatibility with target hardware.

“By 2017, 50% of IoT innovation is predicted to come from start ups, less than three years old,” said David Steele, product manager. “Start ups face challenges to meet core application and time-to-market requirements, often with limited resources and experience. This pressure can lead to deferring critical or complex tasks, such as a chain-of-trust security architecture . The uCMK64-IoT with Mbarx is a way for developers to leverage a complete IoT infrastructure system and security architecture, while retaining focus on their core application. All core elements of productizing a real-world solution are taken care of; security, firmware management, configuration, alarms, heuristics and notifications.”

Mbarx Tools and Gateways

Mbarx IoT tools help manage IoT networks by handling site-wide workflow. Mbarx System Manager supports firmware deployments, configuration, templates and site monitoring, using simple click-through, browser-like workflow. A built-in app’s store provides a method to securely acquire firmware images from a trusted source, while a secure upgrade service allows devices to periodically call home and check for new firmware automatically.

Mbarx gateways provide the edge-connection between remote IoT networks, cloud connectivity and Mbarx tools. Mbarx gateways are supported by System Manager, allowing users to securely connect and control remote IoT sites by simply adding the gateway location from inside the System Manager tool. In addition, Mbarx IoT gateways can support custom workflow and operational control and additional network services. Mbarx gateway hardware is built using high-performance, communication-grade processors.

Mbarx tools and gateways can be added as needed allowing a flexible extensible building block approach to IoT systems. Tools can be branded, support and customization is provided directly by Arcturus.

Pricing and Availability

Development kits are currently available and can be ordered from the link below. Pricing for the development kit is $495 and includes hardware, firmware, tools, installation support, documentation and access to a dedicated support site. Buy now.

More Information

Additional information about the uCMK64-IoT can be obtained from uCMK64-IoT page. A uCMK64-IoT Introduction video is available that provides a basic overview of capabilities and setup.

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