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February, 2016



Mbarx-R4 Release Addresses IoT Security, Management and Enhances Remote Maintenance Capabilities.

TORONTO – February 3, 2016 – Arcturus Networks Inc. today previewed the R4 release of Mbarx IoT Middleware for microcontrollers and the eco-system of Mbarx tools. Mbarx-R4 supports a number of enhancements, most significantly, a new security architecture, better integrated connectivity and improved tools for managing and deploying remote sites.

At the heart of the new Mbarx release is an enhanced security architecture that makes use of industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security). The application of an industry standard approach to secure TCP/IP socket communications means better overall security, broader compatibility with upstream services and an evolution toward more secure IoT deployments. Mbarx-R4 goes beyond implementing secure socket-layer communication by verifying data payload, authenticity, compatibility and integrity. These additional features, combined with the eco-system of secure Mbarx tools, forms a complete chain-of-trust architecture.

Mbarx-R4 includes new features to assist with deployment and management of device sites. A remote server connection with a “call home” feature allows an end-point to establish a secure connection to a remote host, automatically at reboot, or periodically during normal operation. This capability improves connectivity for devices that are behind firewalls or at remote site locations and simplifies the development of cloud connected applications. The Mbarx System Manager tool has been extended to make use of this feature by supporting an automatic firmware upgrade service.

“With Mbarx-R4 managing and maintain devices has never been easier or more secure,” said David Steele, product manager. “In System Manager you simply define a version of firmware as “current”, enable the service and as devices call home, System Manager will update their firmware to the current version over the secure connection.”

System Manager has also been extended to support remote sites. By connecting to a remote site System Manager forms a secure connection to a gateway and presents the remote site as if it were a local network. A built in demo of this capability is included with System Manager.

About Mbarx IoT Middleware

Mbarx IoT middleware combines three key services – device discovery, TLS security and a operational protocol. Device discovery is used to identify Mbarx devices on the network for the purpose of establishing a connection. The operational protocol, which can be run over a UART or secure TCP/IP socket connection, abstracts device configuration and control into a easy-to-use command protocol. While existing IoT protocols such as MQTT or CoAP are normally insecure and limited to passing messages, Mbarx offers security and a set of pre-defined objects for services and settings that are already integrated into the system software. Mbarx operational capability includes addressing peripherals such as UART, I2C and I/O.

Pricing and Availability

Mbarx-R4 release including updated tools is expected to be available in February, to qualified customers. Mbarx IoT middleware is available for ARM based microcontrollers including Cortex-M4. Development kits are available from Arcturus, based on NXP Kinetis microcontrollers. Full support and customization is available directly from Arcturus.

More Information

Additional information about Mbarx-R4 can be obtained from A Mbarx-R4 Release Preview video is available that demonstrates basic capabilities and setup.

About Arcturus

Arcturus Networks Inc. is a leading provider of embedded solutions for communication and industrial applications. Recognized as an embedded pioneer, Arcturus has contributed to the innovation of thousands of products and helped establish embedded Linux as a defacto global standard. Since 2002, Arcturus has focussed on enablement technologies, including a line of product-ready hardware modules, OS packages and specialized middleware for device management, voice, media and M2M/IoT. Arcturus middleware is award winning and certified interoperable by leading infrastructure vendors. For more information, visit

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