Demonstration Showcases Security and Scalability of Mbarx-M2M Solutions for End-point and Edge-nodes

February 26, 2014 – Arcturus Networks Inc. is demonstrating at the RSA Conference 2014 a secure edge node implementation for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications and IoT (Internet-of-Things) networks. The hardware and software solution, developed by Arcturus, combines the power of a Freescale® P1020 dual-core communications processor with embedded Linux® based Mbarx-M2M host middleware.

The core of the demonstration is centered on a prototype scalable edge node platform from Arcturus that supports secure Mbarx-M2M host services. The demonstration consists of Mbarx-M2M microcontroller-based end-points discovering, authenticating and forming encrypted point-to-point connections with the central Mbarx-M2M edge node host. The system forms a chain-of-trust to prevent authorized access, hijacking or spoofing. In addition to secure M2M services and aggregation the demonstration shows scalability to offer additional services including VoIP infrastructure, physical network aggregation and secure remote VPN or site-to-site connectivity.

“In the last few weeks we have heard the media talk about IoT and M2M vulnerabilities including password leaks that can allow devices in homes and business to be hijacked, resulting in potential Trojan horses.” said David Steele, product manager. “As IoT and M2M applications become more prevalent, it will peak the attention of malicious and unauthorized attackers wanting to gain access, control or capture personal information.”

The edge node hardware is based on the Arcturus uCP1020, a 80x80mm,120pin module that uses a dual-core, QorIQ P1020, Power® architecture communication processor from Freescale running at up to 800MHz per core. The module features 64Mbyte NOR flash, optional eMMC flash, 512Mbyte DDR3-SDRAM with ECC and up to three independent TSEC (triple-speed Ethernet controllers). Supported peripherals include SPI, I2C, USB, eSHDC, SerDes and PCIe, providing scalability to accommodate data intensive and storage applications. The P1020 processor has an Integrated Security Engine (ISE) capable of supporting multi-algorithmic operations in a single data pass, including all algorithms associated with IPsec, IKE and SSL/TLS making it suitable to meet the secure data communication requirements of edge access devices and aggregator equipment. The module makes use of passive cooling with no moving parts and is suitable for operation in a junction temperature range of between -40 to 85C.

The combined hardware and Mbarx middleware deliver the services, security and connected intelligence needed to allow developers to focus on their system-level application, instead of resolving issues with infrastructure services, security, access and traversal.

The solution is scheduled for general availability later this year.

About Arcturus

Arcturus Networks Inc. is a leading provider of embedded solutions for communication and industrial applications. Recognized as an embedded pioneer, Arcturus has contributed to the innovation of thousands of products and helped establish embedded Linux as a defacto global standard. Since 2002, Arcturus has focussed on enablement technologies, including a line of product-ready hardware modules, OS packages and specialized middleware for device management, voice, media and M2M. Arcturus middleware is award winning and certified interoperable by leading infrastructure vendors. For more information, visit www.arcturusnetworks.com

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