Mbarx-M2M employs intuitive PC based tools and end-point software to overcome hurdles faced by supervising and maintaining device networks.

TORONTO – OCTOBER 25, 2012 – Arcturus Networks Inc. a leading innovator of enablement products for VoIP, digital audio and industrial embedded devices, announced today the general availability of Mbarx-M2M (Machine-to-Machine), a new product line designed to overcome configuration, operation, supervision and maintenance limitations faced by deployments of many networked devices with various capabilities.

Mbarx-M2M consists of end-point resident embedded software that uses a combination of a service discovery framework and a point-to-point protocol to virtualize the operation and configuration of a device over a guaranteed TCP/IP connection. The result is a self-aware system that can be managed by a host machine in an ad-hoc or highly-supervised way. Mbarx-M2M is provided with all Arcturus System Solutions and can be enabled on devices with as little as 256Kbyte of internal flash and 64Kbyte of SRAM, making it suitable for simple connected devices and sensors, using low-cost MCUs (microcontroller) or complex communications platforms. Mbarx end-point software is available for Linux and MQX operating systems and example code is provided to assist with host-side integration.

“Mbarx builds on our long-term commitment to provide enablement solutions that make overall system development simpler.” said David Steele, product manager “Mbarx has been developed in collaboration with our semiconductor partners and has been deployed successfully by key customers in public-safety applications.”

PC Host Tools

Mbarx host tools install on PC based systems to support scalable edge node (SEN), aggregation services, presentation, and analytics. Mbarx-System Manager (SM) is a standalone PC tool with an intuitive graphic interface intended for system administrators and installers to help with day-to-day monitoring, configuration and maintenance of many devices. It supports bulk firmware upgrades, configuration, events, notifications and alarms. Mbarx-Operations Controller (OC) is a server based PC host tool that aggregates the operation of many devices by many clients (users). It is suitable for applications that require work-flow integration with centralized, fixed or mobile operations, including building systems, access control, security and patient care systems. An HTML5 presentation layer eliminates the need to deploy multiple applications across various fixed and mobile client platforms i.e.: AndroidTM, iPad®, PC or Mac®. Presentation can be split over multiple browser windows and screens, allowing concurrent views for central operation environments. Work flow is optimized for display types including tablets and mobile devices by using a hierarchical group/subscription system with intuitive click through menuing and crumbs navigation. Mbarx-OC, also supports the integration of external IP elements including HTML, raw data and media. The result is a single, consistent user experience capable of converging voice, video, statistical or historical data, events, notifications and operation control.

More Information

For a complete list of modes of operation, features, support and options, refer to: www.arcturusnetworks.com/mbarx-m2m

A Mbarx-M2M Operations Controller video demonstration is available that shows capabilities of Mbarx-M2M end-point solutions using a Freescale Kinetis K60 ARM® Cortex M4 microcontroller along with the Mbarx-M2M Operations Controller.

A Mbarx-M2M End-Points and System Manager video demonstration is available that shows capabilities of Mbarx-M2M end-point solutions using a Freescale Kinetis K60 ARM® Cortex M4 microcontroller along with the Mbarx-M2M System Manager utility.

Pricing and Availability

Mbarx-M2M end-point software is currently available for all Arcturus System Solutions engagements and was deployed as part of the generally available R231 middleware release for Arcturus digital voice platforms. An evaluation copy of Mbarx-System Manager is available to qualified customers and may be downloaded from the dedicated support sites, at no charge. Mbarx-Operations Controller is optionally available as part of a system solutions package with integration support. Both products are available for site or per seat licensing.

Arcturus Networks Inc. is a leading provider of embedded solutions for communication and industrial applications. Recognized as an embedded Linux pioneer, Arcturus has contributed to the innovation of thousands of products and helped to establish embedded Linux solutions as a defacto global standard. Since 2002, Arcturus has been focused on simplifying product development by creating enablement technologies including a line of product-ready hardware modules, corresponding open source OS packages and middleware solutions for device management, voice and media. Arcturus middleware is award winning and certified interoperable by leading infrastructure vendors. For more information, visit www.arcturusnetworks.com

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