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March, 2007

Date: March 15, 2007
Type: Product Change Notice
Products Affected: MIBflex, SIPstream
Lifecycle Status: No Change
Effective Date: Immediate

To address shifting market needs, the firmware suites including SIPstream and MIBflex will no longer be made available by Arcturus as product specific platforms for CPE class residential gateway applications for OEMs. Instead, effective immediately, Arcturus will begin to offer embedded middleware solutions for device management, voice and media. Embedded middleware solutions enable core device functionality by creating a known sub-system with a defined API. This enables product developers to focus on their core application and take advantage of industry leading technology developed by Arcturus in a greater scope of applications.

About Arcturus Management Middleware

Arcturus management middleware is a complete core product engine. It relies on a database system along with device management policies to govern how changes are made to a system’s processes, services and interfaces. The middleware controls the impact to related systems and preserves the quality-of-experience for the user. Various management tools are available with the system including; web UI, SNMP, IVR, command line, as well as SSL based remote provisioning.

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