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October, 2004

Micrel Announces Next Generation Wireless VoIP Router Reference Design

Partnerships With Arcturus Networks And LSI Logic Offers Value-Add Technology Solutions For Growing VoIP Market

San Jose, Calif., Oct. 19, 2004 — Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq:MCRL), an industry leader in Power, Connect and Protect? IC solutions, today announced that it has launched the next-generation wireless VoIP router reference design that reduces component count, lowers system cost and supports voice port scalability. The design is the result of an extended joint technology effort between Micrel, LSI Logic and Arcturus Networks, targeted at VoIP applications. The Company’s new reference design is a take-to-market solution providing comprehensive hardware and software for ODM’s to easily design a VoIP router product for their customers. The KS8695PX + LSI403LC and the KS8695PX + LSI403LP reference design options are currently available and scalable to support 2, 4 or 8 VoIP port for SOHO to SMB applications and are software upgradeable to support Voice over WiFi.

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