Arcturus Networks Inc announces the availability of the Residential Gateway and Router Reference Design based on the Samsung S3C4530 SoC microcontroller.

Toronto, Canada – May 14, 2002 — Arcturus Networks Inc. a leading innovator of embedded firmware and hardware solutions announced today the availability of the Residential Gateway and Router Reference Design based on the Samsung S3C4530 SoC microcontroller.

The Arcturus design is a powerful, feature rich hardware development platform giving developers a proven environment to build the next generation of smart Firewalls, Routers and Residential Gateways. The Arcturus reference design features a 66MHz ARM7TDMI core with 8K of unified cache, 8MB of RAM, 2 or 4MB of FLASH ROM, dual Ethernet ports, dual serial ports and an optional multiprotocol serial port w/HDLC (High Level Data Link Control).

The Arcturus Residential Gateway and Router Reference platform is designed for OEMs looking to save valuable time-to-market. With a low density double sided design, it is ready for volume production and includes all the necessary design files to ensure easy integration or customization.

“This is the fastest way for an OEM to get to market.” said Jeff Dionne Chief Executive Officer “coupled with our firmware suites we offer OEMs a total, turn key solution for designing smart Routers, Firewalls, VPN’s and Residential Gateways.”

Optional Arcturus residential gateway firmware for the platform includes a MIB based web and SNMP infrastructure which enables remote management, monitoring and provisioning via a simple XML enhanced web interface or SNMP client. Secure Data and Routing firmware is also available for tunneling, authentication and encryption, enabling the fast deployment of VPNs and secure networked devices.

Pricing and Availability

The Arcturus Residential Gateway and Router Reference Design is currently available by license through Arcturus sales. The kit includes the Residential Gateway and Router Reference Hardware, design files and uClinux embedded operating system.

About Arcturus Networks Inc.

Arcturus Networks Inc. provides Residential Gateway solutions that enable manufacturers to bring converged home networking products to market fast. Arcturus firmware is modular and portable and based around a rich management architecture called MIBflex. Into MIBflex Arcturus can apply other firmware suites including sentryVPN security, SIPstream voice and AIRmarshal wireless. Arcturus has numerous semiconductor and OEM customers and partners and leverages these relationships to help reduce time-to-market and risk. Arcturus is the innovator of the industry leading SIPjack, the worlds smallest SIP based VoIP Telephony adapter.

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